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Monday, November 15, 2010

Paul Henry isn't a performing snake with a sting in his tail, he's a performing clown with a chip on his shoulder

Paul Henry: TVNZ turned on me
Controversial former Breakfast host Paul Henry believes he was hung out to dry in the wake of the race storm which forced his resignation from TVNZ.

In an exclusive interview with New Idea magazine, Henry said that his former employers fuelled his outspoken nature, then turned on him when his provocative comments backfired.

"They did capitalise on me," he told New Idea.

"I was the performing snake with the sting in its tail. The better the performance, the greater the encouragement. And then when I turned around and bit someone's head off, they were happy to see the demise of the snake."

Paul Henry has broken his silence claiming he was a performing snake with a sting in his tail with an in depth discussion on the role of public broadcasting in a democracy and the standards public discourse demand from a public broadcaster in that Journalistic standard bearer for truth, New Idea.

In this piercing critique, Paul says that it's all TVNZ's fault for insinuating that only white people can be real NZers, it seems TVNZ told Paul Henry he could be controversial, but what seems to escape Paul is the difference between controversial and Grand Cyclops of the Klu Klux Klan-esk offensive.

He's not a performing snake with a sting in its tail, he's a performing clown with a chip on his shoulder


At 15/11/10 10:37 pm, Blogger blondewithaniq said...

Shades of Hissing Sid.... time for him to fully shed since he has slitered back into view.. and then he is either superfluous white meat or reincarnates as a.....? Answers on a poppadum or naan..


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