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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pansy Wong gets it wrong (Hovercrafts are so 1970s)

Wong accused of using ministerial title to aid husband
Cabinet minister Pansy Wong is being accused of improperly using her ministerial title to support her husband's private business contract, which has gone sour and is the subject of legal action.

Mrs Wong witnessed a contract between Pacific Hovercraft NZ and China-based Lianyungang Supreme Hovercraft, signed in April 2008.

Her signature is on a deed of variation, signed during a private trip in January last year, where she wrote her occupation as "Minister of NZ Govt" and her address as "Parliament Buildings, Wellington, NZ".

The agreement is signed by Sammy Wong, Mrs Wong's husband, who is stated as a co-director of Lianyungang Supreme Hovercraft.

The issue that Labour's silver fox assassin Pete Hodgson is making is that Pansy should have signed this letter for her husbands business deal as an MP, by signing it as a Minister she has effectively extended the insinuation that somehow the NZ Government are involved in this Hovercraft business and I don't think the NZ Government should be getting involved in the Hovercraft business, they find it difficult enough dodging their current responsibilities, I don't think adding Hovercrafts to that list is a wise decision.

Hovercrafts. How 1970s.


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