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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National fail women

Government failing women - Labour
The National Government is failing women, Labour MP Sue Moroney says.

The biennial New Zealand Census of Women's Participation 2010, published today, tracks progress, or the lack of it, for women across the corporate and private sectors at governance and management levels.

It says women comprise 32 percent of MPs, 30 percent of Cabinet, 72 percent of teachers and 47 percent of school principals.

There are only three female editors out of the 26 daily newspapers, while 26 percent of the country's judges are women, as are 29 percent of the New Zealand police force.

Although 59 percent of the workers in public service are women, only six out of 34 public service departments have a woman chief executive.

The report identifies a 15.4 percent gender pay gap in the public service, which is greater than the total labour force gender pay gap of 13 per cent.

Equal Opportunities Commissioner Judy McGregor said in some areas women's participation had stalled and was sliding backwards.

It's not just in these stats that we see the National fail women, we see it in their destructive attitudes towards child care and we see it in their forcing Solo Mothers back to work based on flawed voodoo math from the Ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gang.

The vast majority of NZers stay on welfare for a year, the vast minority stay on the dole for a decade, yet the ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gang arrived at the $50 billion figure by claiming that if every person on welfare right now stayed on Welfare for their entire lives, as in no one got a job for the rest of their life, THEN and only then would it cost $50 billion.

What makes me so furious about the ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gang is that they are making up bullshit numbers to justify attacking the most vulnerable in NZ while John Key hands over tax cuts to those who are already rich. Forcing solo mothers, the mentally unwell, the sick and the crippled back to work based on bullshit numbers is an obscenity.

Many of these users of Welfare are women so they are being let down at the bottom and at the top by National Party policy.

One way the Government are really letting women down though is with their despicable decision to cut ACC funded counselling for victims of sex crimes. Despite a damning report on the bullshit ‘Massey Guidelines’ policy ACC is still continuing to deny women counseling services for rape with no monitoring system put in place despite promises by Nick Smith and ACC to do it.

John Key appealed to female voters last election in the midst of the repeal of section 59 hysteria, now woman can see the reality of National's policy it will be interesting to see if they are still enthralled by him.


At 10/11/10 2:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning the ACC sensitive claims issue in a couple of recent posts. NZers from all walks of life are being shafted by the government and ACC - not just because of knees, hips and ears, but also because of trauma caused by sexual abuse and rape. As you mention, a recent independent report criticised almost every aspect of the sensitive claims unit, most disturbingly for me the time it was taking for young victims of sexual trauma to be assessed by ACC before they could get funded treatment. This issue also affects all kinds of New Zealanders from all walks of life, not just the disadvantaged or the promiscuous and certainly not just women. Thank you for not letting it be forgotten.

At 10/11/10 6:53 pm, Anonymous zzzzzz said...

"says Labour MP"

Stopped reading there.

At 12/11/10 8:43 am, Anonymous Frank Macskasy said...

Whilst high income earners received two very generous tax cuts, we've had $400 million slashed from Early Childhood Education and a rise in GST to 15%.

Both of these will impact on women.

Somehow I don't think women will be very motivated to support National next year. Such support is just too expensive.


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