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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Nation and q+a review

q+a - 320 490
The Nation - 261 930

The Nation
God knows what the bloody hell is happening on The Nation, it still wasn't on Sunday and their press people still don't inform bloggers what the line up is (unlike TVNZ who email me three times each week). Sort it out TV3.

It's all Pike River Mine tragedy. Peter Whittall is on trying to save his expansion of the mine for those billions in coal that are still down there, he's trying to avoid criticism that is welling up now about how that gas managed to build up to levels that killed so many.

He's nervous, he wants those billions while balancing the needs of those still grieving. John Armstrong sums it up in the herald yesterday...

The target Goff will have in his sights will be Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson and what she or her department knew or did not know about what was going on at Pike River Coal.

So far, Wilkinson has been kept very much in the background. It is Key's show. And understandably so, given the magnitude.

It will probably remain Key's show. What will worry him is that Wilkinson's hands-off, laissez-faire approach to regulation and monitoring might have left National badly exposed.

Little appears to have emerged in concrete form from a public consultation exercise begun under Labour to improve "hazard management" in the underground mining industry.

Instead, Wilkinson ruled out re-instituting "check inspectors" who would be elected by fellow workers to keep an eye on safety standards.

...she ruled out 'check inspectors'??? The clock is ticking on what impact that had on the tragedy.

Holmes is attempting to blame the mine explosion on environmentalists, is it just me or has Paul Holmes been channeling the spirit of Paul Henry of late?


At 28/11/10 2:21 pm, Blogger dave said...

No Holmes is speaking in solidarity with NZ Oil and Gas, as a fellow producer of oil and famously noted source of gas.

At 28/11/10 9:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have blogged more than once on this, but again the public adoration of Whittall is just so fucking nauseating, that I cannot hold off from doing so again.

What does a CEO have to do to be considered to have really fucked up?

This fucker has had 29 men who worked under him die, and as the CEO he should tender his resignation immediately, with his ultimate status determined by the outcome of an inquiry.

For fucks sake CEOs, government ministers, miltary commanders, resign for things that happened under them for which they had far less control and with consequences far less horrendous, than the case of CEO Whittall.

The guy is a consumate actor, and it is frustrating to see the public fall over themselves in singing his praises, while the honest and uncontrived Superintendent Knowles is held in contempt.

Again. This guy Whittall, according to the NZ Herald, was responsible for the design, safety, operations of the mine. The mine is his baby. And it fucked up. And 29 people died. And so many dumb fuckers say he is a hero and should be PM. For fucks sake! Wake the fuck up!

It seems in this hollywood mass media age, there is a certain template for how one should be happy, how one should be sad, and how one should grieve and show compassion. If you do not adopt the template, you are not sufficiently sad, or compassionate, and are therefore unfeeling and cold - when this is most likely far from the case.

Whittall is contrived. He is an actor. He is trying to protect his ass. Is it only me who sees the emperor has no clothes?

At 29/11/10 9:03 am, Anonymous Richard said...


I think that Whittall has done a pretty good job post-explosion.

However, you are right that it seems very likely somebody, possibly him, has made a tremendous fuck up prior to the explosion.

At 29/11/10 11:40 am, Anonymous James said...

29 dead is the cost of appeasment to the Greens....sickening.

At 29/11/10 12:24 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

29 dead is the cost of appeasment to the Greens....sickening.

I love this line of attack the right wing have been trolling on line that because the mine in a national park wasn't an open pit mine, the deaths of those 29 miners is the greens fault. NOTE: Not the mine owner fault, oh no - the greens.

Grow the fuck up James


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