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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Nation and Q+A review

The Nation
i'm so happy my meme that NZ is the new focus point of the China/America cold war has finally reached the world of current affairs, The Nation are talking to Hillary, she is so slick, she admits America took their eye off the ball re the Pacific, Duncan should have pushed her harder re China. Murray McCully has remained sober enough to be interviewed on Foreign Affairs. A question re Israel is allowed through, Murray says very little (we pride ourselves on having an 'even handed' line - which means giving into to Israel as their behaviour is at issue), he hilariously claims we have an independent policy at the un - that is bullshit, I documented one of our walk outs and it had everything to do with America walking out and nothing to do with an independent foreign policy!

Great question about how China will react with us getting closer to America, Murray says he's been very open about all his claims in public that we want to build a partnership with America, so effectively there is a 'no surprises' policy towards China in effect as we speak.

An American ship visit should be on the question list, maybe a vast Coast Guard visit from America's 'white navy' - which would gaurantee the ships were non nuclear.

Murray is lecturing about 'the lessons needed to be learned from Fiji' which is hilarious as NZ seems to have done sweet FA about helping Fiji deal with their vast immigration issues before they exploded. The reality is China is now funding the dictatorship there and we've not done much to do anything other than force them together more.

Fran O'Sullivan (who was vile to the actors union over the manufactured crises at the Hobbit) and Richard Long are on the panel and Prof Robert Patman from Otago Uni. He claims the 'Wellington Declaration' is significant despite as my co-blogger points out, almost zero fanfare in America. Fran O'Sullivan who did the best analysis of China wanting to get involved in the NZ economy to test out their lowest cost capitalism, was very clear that the concern with our allies is that NZ is getting to sucked into the China sphere of influence.

Long claims America can't send any ships, he misses the 'white navy' option.

America sees NZ as their sphere of influence and the sudden intense interest by China makes them nervous, as the two battle it out for undisputed global super power, how does NZ play one of against the other? We should allow China to rebuild the entire country with the latest in Green technologies and allow the American's greater symbolic attention (Obama visit with vast coast guard escort).

That old racist war criminal, John Howard is on the show getting an interview that strangely misses the words 'racist' and 'war criminal' in any questions at all. Question one should have been, 'Mr Howard, are you concerned that your legacy will be one of racism and war crimes'? Sadly that question doesn't get asked, the closest it gets was asking Howard if he thinks he was wrong as there were no WMDs and the outcome in Iraq couldn't justify the means. The old fox claims the 'jury is out' on that and he outrageously claims that the dead don't matter because lots of people died under Saddam - UNBELIEVABLE!

Sean asks if we should worry about catching up with Australia, at least Howard points out this cultural obsession with comparing ourselves to the next door neighbour at the global economic urinal is pointless as we will never catch up with Australia because they have massive mineral reserves. Howard can see it, why can't we?

Howard claims that Australia has managed to keep Asia and America on side, it looks like he sold out to China while agreeing to do America's bidding. That's some balancing act.

Sean points out with Richard Long that Howard is still in denial over Iraq, Long is in damage control over Howard's claim that there was no point chasing Australia's wealth. Don Brash's 2025 plan just got sunk by Howard once and for all.

Fran points out that Australia is the 'mine', NZ is the 'farm and hotel' and we should play to those strengths. The panel all point out that we are staying in Afghanistan much longer than the Government is being honest with the public over.

Business week is on, the ridiculous unemployment figures were mocked for the joke they have become when it occurs in the shadow of the heart attack the US is going through with their print more money policy. What all that super hot cash means in a global environment eager to make a speculative killing should be explained to people so they know why their lives will implode early next year.

Meanwhile the banks made MORE profit while NZers bleed.

Interesting piece on the blind Foundation and how the recession has really impacted on charities.

After the complaints made against Paul Holmes and his disgusting union bashing over the manufactured Hobbit, I just put the show on mute for his opening segment now, I mean why listen to someone who union bashes until they foam?

I get up and make a cup of tea.

Has he finished talking yet?

Hillary is on the screen trying to explain she loves us now. Guyon is on to put the Wellington Declaration into some perspective, they point out that Hillary gave a massive amount in terms of public engagement. So her visit was a charm offensive, and they finally get down to brass tacks and ask if the Government is going to keep troops in the pointless war in Afghanistan. The answer seems to be yes, the Government are going to stay in Afghanistan for a lot longer and haven't told the NZ public yet.

Guyon's exclusive from Hillary that she won't stand for President will be replayed on Fox News. Ugh. Poor Guyon.

No one points out that this is America trying to play catch up. Michael Barnett, John Johanson and Mike Moore are on the panel.

Johanson notes that the American economy is in meltdown and the Free Trade deal just won't happen. At least Paul drags it back to China (he's good for something else other than Union bashing).

Discussion now on Obama's election result with famous historian Professor Simon Schama. The reality is that Obama faces the worst economic recession since 1929 and despite all his efforts, the problem is so massive there is bugger all he can do, the 'correction' must play out (thank you George W Bush and neoliberalism). The reality is if Obama hadn't pushed through the stimulus, the unemployment rate would be well above what it currently is, Obama is now in a stronger position, as the recession continues he can blame the Republican House for not doing anything.

The crazy Tea Party movement is discussed and their impact on the Republicans. Their myopic view of the Constitution and that America was once this great moral state (try not to laugh) coupled with their view that a quasi-socialist state has been imposed by Obama simply shows the power of the Koch Brothers corporate donations and the power of Fox News.

He points out that if Obama had been a combination of Frank Sinatra, Jesus Christ and Socrates, that still wouldn't be enough to stop the economic meltdown.

Paul Holmes admits to watching Fox News. Everyone laughs.

Jeremy Moon from Icebreaker is on talking about the reality of NZ needing to stay Green. Very interesting bloke.

There is a laugh at the 2025 report.


At 7/11/10 11:36 am, Anonymous Pascal's bookie said...

Not a one. Not even a one, anywhere, has thought to mention that under both international and domestic law the current US admin is required to investigate all credible allegations of torture being committed by her citizens and officials.

It's pretty pointless bringing up human rights issues with China, but we are told that we do so at every meeting. This is good, if true. But we shouldn't have a double standard.

The current US administration is required, by law, to investigate the allegations against it's predecessor admin. This admin has stated that it has changed it's policy so that the CIA must follow the army handbook for interrogations. In itself that is a tacit admission that the former rules may have amounted to torture. Changing the policy is not enough to comply with the law. The laws sate that where there is credible suspicion, an investigation with a view to prosecution must take place.

We should be asking them at every opportunity how they are getting along with that.

No mention if our pollies brought it up. No questions from our star struck media to either the SecState or our pollies about it.


At 7/11/10 11:13 pm, Anonymous Frank Macskasy said...

John Key's administration is a caretaker guvmint waiting until the next election...

As for Holmes' rant against Actors Equity and trade unions... very disappointing. I expect better from a professional than referring to a group of people as "filth".



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