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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latest Police TV advert - recruiting arseholes

Ummmmmmmm, we all know being a Police Officer isn't the easiest of occupations. The barest and cheapest training possible coupled with very little counselling to deal with the stress of the job (other than booze) makes it a profession one needs to be dedicated to, yet oddly the new adverts on TV to recruit for the Police leave me with as many questions as their previous recruitment adverts.

Their previous recruitment adverts on TV had bored sales staff fantasising about 'getting better work stories'. They dreamed these fantasies about catching criminals only to realize that they had played these fantasies out in real life by attacking unsuspecting civilians.

I wasn't sure that we really wanted to give bored retail staff the barest of training, $50 000 and all the pumped up power of being in uniform, however the latest recruitment advert seems aimed at recruiting arseholes into the Police force.

It has another bored staff member at a carpark who decides to repaint the parking spaces smaller so that people can't get out of their cars??? Why the fuck would you want to recruit an arsehole like that? Does someone who would create the environment to pointlessly damage private property fit into the Police do they?

It's nice to see petty vandalism and being an arsehole has become formally recognized as a prerequisite for being a cop.


At 10/11/10 7:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps some bloggers should get a job themselves instead of whineing about everything. Contribute something instead of criticising the efforts of others.

At 10/11/10 7:35 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Hmmm - but what should they do if their job is to criticize the efforts of others?

At 10/11/10 10:01 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Thought exactly the same thing on seeing that ad. The next one will have a little boy pulling the wings of flies and then growing up to be a policeman. Why the fuck would we want someone who's idea of a prank is to fuck up everyone's day taking on a job that requires excellent judgement and a social responsibility? Too Weird!

At 10/11/10 10:23 pm, Anonymous Frank Macskasy said...

"Anonymous"! Get back to the Uranium mines! Your five minute lunch break is over!!

Bloody lazy slaves... Next thing you know, they'll be wanting toilet paper in their dunnies!

At 10/11/10 11:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Become a cop instead?

At 11/11/10 2:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting for the ad where a young man exposes himself to a mother & her child & then goes on to become a Police officer.

At 11/11/10 11:53 pm, Anonymous FTP said...

I despise those who wish to enforce their beliefs and morals on others through violence or the threat of violence.

Why would anyone want that as a career?

At 13/11/10 10:04 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Only Greg O'Conner would know that Anon, thanks for accedentally revealing yourself cop


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