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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Killing cyclists becomes competitive sport in NZ

Did I miss the press release announcing that the killing of cyclists had become a competitive sport in NZ? The hatred some drivers seem to have towards people in bike lanes is more akin to that of an Israeli settler at a Palestinian peace protest.

Getting the lamb to lie down with the lion is easier to achieve than making motorists in NZ drive with anything short of homicidal intent towards cyclists. This refusal to give one inch of space is great if you are fighting Darth Vader and the death star, but comes across as murderous when set in a domestic road safety environment.

NZ Drivers share like penniless meth addicts after a bender, brothers and sisters, I say it's time to rebalance the odds and allow cyclists to carry semi-automatic machine guns, then let's see who comes off second best from road rage because as dangerous as riding a bike is in NZ, it's still more reliable than catching our cattle truck public transport system.


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