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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

John Key to ban travel perks and electoral offices - forget Pete Tong, it's all gone Pansy Wong

Sammy Wong named wife's office as his business base
Embattled former Cabinet minister Pansy Wong is facing fresh suggestions her husband Sammy may have misused taxpayer-funded support for his wife's official duties to further his business interests.

Labour MP Pete Hodgson, who first raised questions about Mr Wong's business dealings, yesterday produced Companies Office records showing he registered two companies to the same address as his wife's Botany electorate office.

Former National Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley and her husband Burton are listed as directors as one of the companies.

The Parliamentary Service provides most constituency MPs with $64,000 a year to maintain electorate offices.

So now Pansy Wong is abusing her electorate office as well, will John Key be banning those along with the travel perks? I don't have a beef with MP's having the perk of flying their spouses around for private travel, I don't pretend like many taxi drivers and bloggers that MP's jobs are nearly as easy as is claimed and for long service they deserve benefits like any worker, but where the abue comes in is when private business interests are mixed with these public benefits.

John Key doesn't need to ban them, he just needs to make his Ministers not abuse them. I love John's response to Pansy Wong using her electoral office to have businesses registered at...

But Prime Minister John Key said the matter was "not that sinister".

"You've got to be very careful when you start looking at mailing addresses. A lot of people have mailing addresses for all sorts of reasons.

"Sometimes it's simply that they move houses and it's just convenient to have a location that they know they are constantly going to be at."

...Ummmm, forgive me Mr Key, but didn't you and many others in the right wing roar that Pete was a dirty filthy muckraker when he first brought Pansy Wong to scrutiny? Perhaps rather than directing media to ask Pansy Wong these questions, John Key should listen to Pete and ask Pansy Wong these questions himself?


At 16/11/10 11:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the Wong affair will affect Key too much - well it wouldn't affect a National PM as it would a Labour PM (ie Taito Philip Field). I say this, because Labour is the touchy-feely all inclusive party, and Field was embraced by Labour. National on the other hand has only recently widened it's tent to other minorities. Some National voters probably detest a diversified and colourful party. So it would be easier for many National voters to disown Wong and still support National (as they had always seen it), than it was for Labour to disown Field.


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