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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

John Key tells Pansy to shhhhhh

Key: MP Wong will front up - but not yet
Prime Minister John Key says he expects MP Pansy Wong to front up on claims about her husband's business interests but has defended her delay in doing so.

Mr Key said this morning Ms Wong was advised to wait until a Parliamentary Services inquiry into her use of international travel discounts was complete before speaking about it.

Labour leader Phil Goff attacked Mr Key for "protecting" Ms Wong when it was already clear she had done wrong. He said it was for the inquiry and, possibly ultimately the courts to decide if Ms Wong's actions amounted to corruption.

Forget Pete Tong, it's all gone terribly Pansy Wong. Why the bloody hell is the Optimist Prime telling Pansy Wong to shhhh and stay quiet and not tell the media what she has done?

The PM's own man Kevin Taylor was in the press gallery referring to Pete Hodgson as a 'fuckwit' when Pete was asking questions about Pansy, wasn't that the time to ask staff to stay quiet? Shouldn't Pansy front and tell the media what she has done?

John's not very good when he's under pressure is he?


At 17/11/10 12:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those inscruitable eyes worry me. Not good under pressure, only good in the easy moments, always looks cagey when under pressure, can we now have Goff for PM? Possibly judgemental, but I don't trust Key, I recant my vote, my membership, and my allegience. Key is basically hollow-centred?

At 17/11/10 1:22 pm, Anonymous Dcrown said...

Sounds like Kevin Taylor is NZ's version of Malcolm Tucker

At 18/11/10 12:39 pm, Anonymous kingi said...

Has anyone followed up on the suggestion that there is a link between Pansy's office-cum-business-hq and a company owned/controlled by Burton and Shippers? Apparently it aired briefly a few days ago but was very quickly shut down......

At 18/11/10 12:57 pm, Anonymous kingi said...

"Optimist Prime" .... love it!!!

At 15/12/10 10:43 am, Blogger Chris said...

"...can we now have Goff for PM?"
Yeah, right! Labour had their chance under Helen Clark to make good politics for New Zealand and they blew it. For their excessive spending on bureaucracy we will have to pay the banksters dearly. Why would you want the same suckers again? When will people comprehend that it doesn't matter if Labour or National rip off hard-working Kiwis for their self-serving crony politics?


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