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Saturday, November 06, 2010

John Key - he's a bit vacant

Put aside the U-turn on GST, the cannibalism jokes, his ultra slow response to Paul Henry's racism, getting played by Warners Bros and his seemingly medicated optimistic optimism, but is John a bit more vacant than usual?

Wakey wakey Mr Key...

National's candidate doesn't live in Mana
Politics Clinton crushes 25 years of ice Clumsy full-stop to hosting a world power National's candidate doesn't live in Mana NZ signs new strategic partnership with US Proposed surveillance powers curbed Big tobacco firms decry 'prohibition' PM's office accused of censorship 'Confusion' blamed for perks U-turn Call to make NZ smokefree Barbie at John's place
National's Mana by-election candidate, Hekia Parata, has confirmed she does not live in the electorate, despite Prime Minister John Key saying she did at her campaign launch on Tuesday.

...and how can we forget 'Presiden't Clinton?

NZ Prime Minister calls hillary clinton 'President'
Prime Minister John Key made a slight gaffe in closing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press conference this afternoon – referring to her as ‘President Clinton’.
“So anyway, President Clinton…” Mr Key said before bowing his head, a broad smile on his face and mumbled something inaudible.
“Secretary Clinton… close…” he continued before concluding the conference.

...let's hope these two moments are connected to something else...

Medicinal cannabis legalised
The Government has legalised medicinal cannabis


At 6/11/10 8:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh so cruel. Helen made mistakes too, but never came across as medicated. Perhaps Key likes the extra attention?

At 7/11/10 1:41 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

But John was ALWAYS a bit vacant. As time passes by, more will begin to see that. It's what happens when it's all been learnt parrot-fashion (including the buzz-words - going forward).
There are a lot of used-car salesmen that have made good "on the back of" having a gift of "a gab". Some even find them krismatuk!

Bullshit and Jellybeans;
Vacuous - all image and no substance;
Based on a firm foundation of solid bullshit!

And as for Hillary and Gee-off. I saw him the other day on TV and at first couldn't understand why he wasn't shown full-body. Then I realised as things proceeded that he was creaming himself at the prospect of the interview and fawning all over her. Orgasmic!
Next time get a frikken room (although I didn't realise she'd fit so well with the fantasies). Sounds cruel...but why do we have to put up with this sort of un-journalistic, un-critical, star-driven BULLSHIT from some in the media? Get a room or get a reality show - maybe even get Julie Christie as an "agent".


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