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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grey Lynn Festival

Last weekend was the Grey Lynn festival. Tens of thousands - as usual - were in attendance. The weather was a bit grey, but quite warm. It is about the first public event in the summer season in which the inner Auckland crowd meet up. It's a time to get away from the tawdry talk of politics...
...for about two seconds.

I noticed Jacinda stuck around, but Nikki wasn't pulling in the punters the way she was - and left before I had a chance to talk to her. The festival is in Grey Lynn Park - the heart of the Auckland Central electorate. This isn't natural National Party territory, but at least Nikki turned up this time. Despite the showing the electorate will be a tight race between these two as they battle over the Green voters who deserted Judith Tizard. They are the ones that decided who won in the end. The Green stall was very busy - as it always is.What can Jacinda do to lure them back to Labour (apart from NOT being Judith Tizard)? How can Nikki keep them voting blue when they would prefer Green? It will be one of the closer results I would think.


At 28/11/10 8:11 am, Blogger H Stewart said...

Not being Judith Tizard should be enough.

At 28/11/10 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all tha little bitches wanna be wif me


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