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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fonterrorist steals and pollutes NZ water

Third of NZ lakes of poor quality
A new report paints a grim picture for nearly a third of the country's lakes.

The Status and Trends 2010 Report on Lake Water Quality in New Zealand shows 32% of monitored lakes have poor water quality and that more lakes are deteriorating in water quality than are improving.

Environment Minister Nick Smith said today New Zealand needs to improve its freshwater management.

"This report concludes that New Zealand lake water quality compares favourably with Europe and North America but there are signs of real concern," he said.

If Labour rolled over and took it for the dairy industry, you know National are choosing to sleep in the wet spot. the political party of Farmers and Bankers will not damage their voting rump by demanding restrictions on Farmers using and polluting our water.

Direct action against the Dairy Industry is now needed. They are stealing our water, they are destroying our clean green brand and they have the power to edit entire chapters (chapter 13) out of our 10 yearly environmental reports that criticize their environmental destruction of our country.

No matter how many expensive adverts they run on the telly, the Dairy Industry can not hide the more unpleasant truths about their industry. We should be world leaders in sustainable farming, not this nasty cheap polluting version.

If you were angry about mining on conservation land, you should be angry about the power the Dairy Industry have been given to ride rough shot over our collective environmental concerns.

Fonterrorists facebook suicide over their rainforest destroying milk shows they can be pressured and forced o do the right thing.

The solution is vast investment into research and development of new technologies that can offset the pollution Dairy creates. Quantity won't mean a damned thing once China and India catch up to our capacity, then the only thing we will have is our brand of clean and green to generate the premium for our product, damaging that is killing the golden goose that lays the golden egg.


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