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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

F&S repeal

Old legislation long since repealed is now online. Doing as bit of research for the Foreshore and Seabed repeal bill - and there will be plenty in here, eg. 1842:

Provided that no coaster shall be subject to any pilotage.

Pilotage functions were mainly carried out by Iwi military prior to the British. The French were taken down the Tamaki river under pilot (it may have been D'Urville, I'm not sure) and shown the Otahuhu portage in the 1820s/30s. These Acts and ordinances of the British administration may have subverted these Maori rights and customs, but could they have really "extinguished" them as such (esp. when such extinguishment was not explicit)? Can they co-exist? The ancient Maori rights around the portages are an interesting intersection with the foreshore and seabed. The portage reserve for a canal was abolished by the Auckland uber stadt laws.

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