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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Electoral financing reform, when Labour do it, it's the end of western civilization as we know it. When National do it, not a whisper

Government backtracks on electoral finance law
Political parties have finally reached a consensus on electoral finance laws with both sides compromising on public disclosure of donations and spending caps on lobby groups.

The electoral finance act was held up when Labour attempted to stop the rich from simply buying elections as the worst assault on democracy ever attempted in NZ. It was up there with water saving showerheads, power saving lightbulbs and the repeal of section 59 as proof that the politically correct stormtroopers of the dykeocracy were kicking in the front door to molest our pets.

So National have just passed electoral finance reform but I can't see well heeled angry white people on the streets? Hell the Herald ran campaign after campaign after campaign against the MP's who voted to stop the rich from buying our elections, yet now National pass it and not a whisper.

Labour set the limit for third parties at $120 000, National have set it at $300 000 - who coulda thunk that such opposition when Labour attempted to reign in the rich would dissipate so quickly now the lovely smile and wave John Key passes it.

Perhaps along with water saving showerheads, power saving lightbulbs and the repeal of section 59, the electoral finance act was simply a massive beat up by the right wing to kick Helen Clark out of power.

Nice to see the reactionary right are as intellectually shallow as they've always been.


At 23/11/10 11:59 am, Blogger Whaleoil said...

Bomber, your headline is a lie and so is most of your post. What took you a day to find the outrage I found yesterday.

not only that you took my image without attribution, the one I Photoshopped to say John Key and now you are portraying that wer are silent, which we are not.

An apology would be a start.

At 23/11/10 1:27 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

1: I'm not outraged at cutting back on rich people buying elections so it took longer.

2: The Herald hasn't ran a campaign against this yet has it?

3: You are right about not attributing the picture, I thought it was obvious it was yours - EVRYONE NOTE Cam photoshopped the image.

4: I love your outrage Cam but it's all VERY silent compared to your last campaign against elecoral finance reform, where's the well heeled white angry people on the street?

When you get those numbers again, email me.

At 23/11/10 2:34 pm, Blogger Whaleoil said...

It was Boscawen that got people marching down Queen street, and forgive me if my memory fails me but I seem to remember you marching there too.

I will certainly be organising a similar level of protest to what I did last time.

At 23/11/10 3:45 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

I was certainly there, the first options Labour put together was a dog of a bill that had many worthy groups in society concerned with the legislation, but the hooplah seems to be lacking now National have put it through. The Herald ran monthly updates listing the MPs who passed the law, not so much now huh?

At 23/11/10 8:04 pm, Anonymous Pascal's bookie said...

I wonder if a principled chap like that Boscawen fellow can remain as a minister in this govt, given his position on these matters.

Rodney obviously can, but no one pretends he's not a fucking snake.

At 24/11/10 10:27 am, Anonymous James said...

Yeah right Pascal....Rodney offered to resign over the apartheid seats shame in Auckland...now thats principle!


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