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Monday, November 08, 2010

Eden Park fiasco and the Alt Tv fiasco

Eden Park chaos spurs pledge for RWC crackdown
Rugby World Cup organisers are vowing to beef up security and police presence at next year's tournament, to prevent a recurrence of the mayhem at Eden Park at the weekend.

Am i surprised? No. Why? Because David Kennedy is the CEO, how do I know him? He was one of the owners of Alt Tv, here's what Drinnan from the Herald wrote from the Auditor's report on the collapse of Alt Tv...

This column reported problems on January 23, when the four shareholders Thane Kirby, Ricky Newby, Oliver Driver and David Kennedy passed shares to a company controlled by Easy Factors.

Easy Factors approached staff to try and turn the company around in one month, but without success.

Kirby - who moved the channel from a weak free-to-air Auckland frequency on to the Sky digital platform - insisted in January the channel was sound and there were no financial issues relating to the owners' exit.

But the liquidators' report to March 18 said Alt TV had faced "substantial and consistent losses". In January, Driver explained his cutting his ties to the alternative Sky channel, saying: "We are proceeding down a certain path which we are quite confident will deliver a good outcome."

The fourth shareholder, David Kennedy, is a former senior executive with Sky City Entertainment.

...so after Alt TV collapsed the natural move would be to run Eden Park for the Rugby World Cup. Final word to the big Dave...

Eden Park CEO David Kennedy defended the park's management, saying many fans had had a good time.

...yeah. Brilliant.


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