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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Draconian Labour Laws one goose step closer

The despicable blitzkrieg against workers just went up a level with a massive raft of labour law changes aimed at screwing workers for the benefit of the bosses about to be pushed through Parliament.

The 90 day right to sack will be extended even though the Department of Labour warned it will not lift employment rates the way National pretend they will, even though it was against National's own Labour Minister and was really the idea of ACT and despite the fact it will hurt women more.

These new anti-worker laws will also steal a weeks worth of holiday and steal public holidays from workers by removing the words "voluntary" and "informed" from the clause relating to cashing in a weeks holiday and transferring public holidays.

Bossman can now demand a Doctors certificate minus any "reasonable" grounds.

Most disturbingly John Key has changed the wording regarding unjustifiable dismissal from "would" to "could" in terms of what bossman can do.

The pretense that this Government is moderate and inclusive is over.


At 3/11/10 2:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for a big energy retailer in Auckland, there are over 50 staff here in my department and we have to book our 4 weeks leave depending if its avaliable. Only 3 slots are avaliable each day and we are not allowed to take Mondays off as its our peak period. Theres no leave for the next three months its all gone. I have only had 4 days off this year as a 'holiday' and im not allowed to take a break over Christmas or New Years. Now if this is the shit that we have to put up with while we still have some rights, WTF are we going to do when National put through this new bullshit!

When you dont get a decent holiday for 12months you start to hate your job and you end up calling in sick due to stress and overwork, if i called in sick due to any of those reasons they can now demand a doctors cert. What a fucking waste of time and resourses not only for the doctor but for myself! Yet the managers and people above me can fuck off for a month on holiday not having to contend with anyone else, im stuck here hating my job because i cant spend time with my family over the Xmas and New Year period. This legislation is complete bullshit! Yet if you complain your a bad worker, the only people who fucking care around here are the union and they can only help so much.

At 3/11/10 6:01 pm, Blogger Joseph said...

what a bunch of bastards. UTU squads should picket your bosses on Christmas Day :)

Thats an offer.

At 3/11/10 7:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, they'd probably love to sack you for your attitude, but you sound like the type of prick who would take an unlawful dismissal case.

At 3/11/10 7:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a good start to weaning people off the the habit of expecting something for nothing.
Looking foward to the prosperity that will result from this being taken a lot further.

At 3/11/10 8:18 pm, Anonymous egg said...

What your bosses are doing is illegal anon. If you are stupid enough to let them screw you like that then no law will protect you.

At 4/11/10 5:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who is in the process of immigrating to NZ, these law changes are extremely concerning. If NZ participates in the race to the bottom, skilled migrants will be looking elsewhere...

C'mon kiwis, keep your society together!!

At 4/11/10 9:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anon, they'd probably love to sack you for your attitude, but you sound like the type of prick who would take an unlawful dismissal case."

Im sure they would like to fire me for my opinion but with the amount of people quitting over the unfairness here they are recruiting people left right and centre and they still keep leaving. When it costs so much to train them it would be in the best interest to help the current employees at least help them have a break instead of pay new trainees who are going to bugger off anyway.

I enjoy working here its a great job and i love the people but my mother just passed away last year and my younger siblings need someone to watch them over the school holidays and im not allowed to take that oppourtunity.

I wouldnt complain if i was able to take a break but 4 days off this whole year its pretty pathetic. Im in the process of bringing this up with our department manager, to see if they will help us oversee our break times, no one cares if we dont take it and you wouldnt believe what lengths we have to go to get a day off.

At 4/11/10 12:49 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

"Prosperity" Anon 7.57, right!? We've been on a one way path to prosperity since the 70's haven't we, when peoples income last went up in relation to inflation.... I appreciate you're a troll, but even then you're a deluded one. When are you ideologues going to see that distroying the middle class is detrimental to all? Unless of coarse you're part of the 1% and truly are prosperous behind your barbed wire fence, but somehow I suspect you just believe that one day you can be.


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