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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken rib after 'visit' to the cells

Doesn't this sound interesting? Member of public gatecrashes off-duty Police party stag night and starts a fight with the best man. Witnesses say the member of the public wasn't severely treated while being 'subdued' and is taken to the Police cells and then taken to hospital with suspected broken ribs.

1: Didn't seem to have sustained injury during arrest at police stag party.
2: Taken to Police cells.
3: Then taken to hospital with suspected broken rib.

What on Earth happened? Did some telephone books accidentally fall on this mans chest in the police cell? I've always thought telephone books in Police interrogation rooms with no actual telephones seemed unusual.

Sounds like a stag night to remember.


At 16/11/10 2:25 pm, Anonymous JonL said...

And this is new? it's just a continuation of the "justice" those who piss off the police have been getting for the last 50 yrs that I know of, and presumably a lot longer than that. Doesn't make it right but....


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