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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes we can(nabis)

Drug growers evade police
The number of cannabis plants seized in New Zealand each year is only a "small proportion" of those grown, police say. A rise in plant seizures since 2000 reflected an increase in illicit growers and targeted action, they said.

So in 2009, the Police seized 118 000 plants and arrested 912 people into our underfunded groaning at the seams double bunked prison system. Let’s remind ourselves that alcohol and cigarettes kill tens of thousands of more people per year than marijuana ever has, however the Police have concluded that a kilo of cannabis creates a ‘social cost’ of $11 790. Which is amazing, the Police can’t tell us how much the cost of policing a substance which kills tens of thousands fewer than Ciggies and booze, but they do have time to work out the ‘social cost’ of a kilo of weed. Isn’t it true that policing marijuana costs tens of millions each year, couldn’t we be putting that money into real crimes that hurt real people rather than policing something as ridiculous as marijuana?


At 12/10/10 9:16 am, Blogger stephen said...

Did you know that "marijuana" is a racist neologism deployed by the US authorities in the 30s with the intention of stagmatising cannabis users with the connotation of Mexican immigrants.

Much better to just use "cannabis".

At 12/10/10 11:51 am, Anonymous fatty said...

"the Police have concluded that a kilo of cannabis creates a ‘social cost’ of $11 790"


But I guess they are right, 1 kg sells for about that much at street value, so by making it illegal that money goes into gangs and funds further illegal activities.....this social cost exists because of the law, not the plant.

"Detective Inspector Paul Berry said it was "worth the cost" to target commercial growers."

Worth the cost? I know there are a lot of dumb fucks in NZ, but do we have to make them detective inspector

At 12/10/10 5:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right for once. we should stop emforcing cannabis laws and purt that money into catching and prosecuting people who fail to stop police. More money for faster police cars.

At 13/10/10 10:32 am, Anonymous J'nette said...

New Zealand needs to play catch up with the rest of the world in terms of cannabis. NZ once a world leader for social justice and health policy has gone backwards in promoting prohibition. It does not work, never has and always leads to an increase in crime and a waste of resources. The courts, the police and wasted lives in jail. Oh by the way the government does not fund any stop smoking cannabis programmes, yet see it as a big problem????


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