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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What a massive landslide to Len Brown means

Banks admits he's in trouble
Auckland Mayor John Banks has admitted he could lose the Super City mayoralty unless people in Auckland City and the North Shore turn out and vote. "If they don't turn out and vote, we are going to get a Labour mayor from South Auckland in charge," he told the New Zealand Herald.

The Supercity election got into the gutter last week when John Banks said that if Len Brown was elected, then Len would replicate South Auckland across all of Auckland. Apparently John Banks has been watching too much Paul Henry in the morning.

As the exit polls suggest a massive landslide to Len Brown, (when so much polling supposedly had Banks and Brown neck and neck), we could now counter that the opinion polls are only capturing conservative opinion and that polls claiming National are over 50% are just as reliable as the ones claiming Banks and Brown were neck and neck.

John Banks says he could prevent Len Brown from replicating South Auckland if only Central Aucklanders would get and vote. I live in Central Auckland, and I'm not voting for your race baiting bullshit you sad old fart, go back to watching Paul Henry in the mornings for election strategy.

Telegraph message to John Banks – it ain’t your version of a homogeneously sealed 1968 anymore Grandad.


At 5/10/10 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how is the CHCH mayoralty race going?

Not too flash for the socialists eh? Considering its hard core labour territory staying going to the right maybe you should.

At 5/10/10 4:08 pm, Anonymous Excusesofpuppets said...

I have no interest in Auckland as I am hundreds of kilometers away, but with time remaining there is still a chance that voters could be mobilised by opinion and press stating that Brown will win by a landslide.

I dislike Banks, and I don't know much about Brown - not enough to form my own opinion on him anyway. I worry that there is still enough time for this election to be snatched away from South Auckland.

If it isn't though, boy oh boy what a ride Auckland could be in for.

At 5/10/10 5:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber, it won't matter if Brown is mayor when the council is centre-right.

Suck on that.

At 5/10/10 6:21 pm, Blogger Carol said...

I just saw Banks claim on TV3 that he had the support of all of Auckland except South Auckland. This followed comments about Banks' support in central Auckland and the North Shore. So West Auckland doesn't exist in Banks' scheme of things? Just shows why so many of us out west don't want Waitakere delivered to Banks, courtesy of Hides maneuverings

At 5/10/10 10:59 pm, Anonymous shirleyboy said...

Just cos it says Parker is ahead in polls in Press don't mean shit. Most people I know have had a gutsful of his posturing show pony routine- that includes nat voters & boys down the pub. Anderton is a big show in chercher.

At 5/10/10 11:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"polls claiming National are over 50% are just as reliable as the ones claiming Banks and Brown were neck and neck."

Spot on there but what else should we expect from a NZ press that's entirely right wing.

At 6/10/10 11:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do live in central auckland and will be voting for Banks because I don;t want to see all of our rates headig off to south auckland so brown can pay for his voters.

At 6/10/10 2:29 pm, Anonymous Carol said...

I voted for Brown, because I don't want to see all our west Auckland rates going on supporting central Auckland and Banks' buddies' business interests. Brown will try harder to represent ALL of Auckland.

At 6/10/10 4:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our press is not entirely right wing- dont you read the New Zealand Herald? Could not be more in favour of the manukau mayor we can "trust".
They obviously have a reporter on stand by for cheesy photo opps as they follow him seemingly every day.

No wonder stupid polls are saying "over 50 % of people are expecting Brown to win". Its a self fulfilling prophecy- if you tell us Brown is winning by a "landslide" and then ask who we expect to win, clearly we are going to say Brown because thats all we're hearing. I feel sorry for the other candidates who are getting little, if any air time.

I'm over both of these guys, bring on some new blood I say.


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