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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wellington goes Green

While the right wing attempt to spin that the local body elections have not been a move to the left with every justification under the sun, Wellington goes GREEN!

Prendergast ousted as Wellington mayor
Celia Wade-Brown has ousted Kerry Prendergast as Wellington mayor.

Ms Wade-Brown, of the Green Party, took the mayoralty after the counting of special votes was completed this afternoon.

A source told NZPA that Ms Wade-Brown beat her rival by 176 votes.

There was a large shift to the left in the local body elections and it's as simple as that. The Deputy Mayor position always points to who has the power, in Auckland it is Penny Hulse while C& R were decimated, so it wasn't just anti-John Banks.

National rammed this annexation of Auckland through under a misuse of urgency, minus the consultation promised and Rodney threatened to throw his toys over Maori representation, John Banks cuddled National throughout, his rejection is THEIR rejection and this rejection has been carried throughout the country.

NZers voted for 'change' in 2008 without knowing what that 'change' was, they have had a taste and they have spat it out.

Metro Editor Simon Wilson called it on TV3's The Nation - there has been a shift to the left that has gone under the national radar, the cheap brainfart telephone polls called the race neck and neck between Banks and Brown, these are the same cheap brainfart telephone polls claiming National have over 50% support.

2011 is not the cake walk some on the right seem to think it is, the election will be very close.


At 13/10/10 6:50 pm, Anonymous Fantail said...

Enough to get the journos to pull their head out of their own echo chamber, maybe. Now we need an event, a demonstration or something to give them the excuse to switch direction on their own narrative, and maybe start asking questions of power.

At 14/10/10 9:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Halle fucking luyah
At last!


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