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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

TVNZ claim Paul Henry says what we are all quietly thinking

Henry apology rejected
TV presenter Paul Henry was under increasing pressure last night over comments he made about Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand, with a dozen complaints and the Race Relations Commissioner saying an apology from him did not go far enough.

Henry has said sorry for comments he made yesterday on TVNZ's Breakfast show that suggested Sir Anand's successor should look and sound more like a New Zealander.

Henry made the comments while questioning Prime Minister John Key.

"Are you going to choose a New Zealander who looks and sounds like a New Zealander this time ... Are we going to go for someone who is more like a New Zealander this time?"

Mr Key seemed taken aback and said that Sir Anand was a New Zealander.

About 3.30pm, TVNZ issued a statement in Henry's name apologising to the Governor-General "for any offence I may have caused".

TVNZ said it had received a dozen complaints and a formal process was under way. Henry would continue his hosting duties, including This Is Your Life this weekend.

But Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said last night that the apology was not good enough, and should be aimed at all New Zealanders.

TVNZ's explanation over this is unbelievable, they have defended Paul by saying he says what people are quietly thinking’! What people? Who are these people? Are you meaning bigots? Paul Henry says what bigots are thinking and that’s okay?

TVNZ went onto say that they would only react against Paul Henry IF there were complaints, TVNZ however have no intention of reprimanding him unless there is a complaint, so TVNZ stands by asking the Prime Minister to appoint a Governor-General who looks more like a NZer? That’s deemed acceptable by TVNZ is it?

What does Paul Henry have to do to get a reprimand by TVNZ?

Burn the flag? Strangle a native wood pigeon? Spit on Neil Finn?

Paul Henry is a former National Party candidate whose glorified handjobs which pass as interviews with Government Ministers are always eye rolling and his ability to offend every minority group seems pathological.

How is this allowed on our Public Broadcaster? Why has TVNZ decided that what Rednecks think is suddenly what they should broadcast and focus on?

Paul Henry needs to go and TVNZ need to apologize for allowing him to continue offending NZers.

Paul Henry was born in Auckland, but moved when he was 11 to Bristol to live in England but the Governor-General was born and raised in Auckland - so by Paul Henry's own definition, the Governor-General is more of a New Zealander than Paul Henry is!

Paul Henry does Broadcasting a disservice and he disservices us all as NZers.


At 5/10/10 12:17 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

.......and in breaking news - Paul Henry has just been suspended.
Well long fucking overdue!.
BUT obviously nationalism is alive and well.
WHY is it that challenging a GG's nationality is somehow worse than the mysogeny expressed when he made reference to moustaches on a woman.
..and Tama is OK....we know he's a hoe, but that's OK cos he's a star, and we work with him.

Why are we so preoccupied with RANKING all this shit!. I suspect it's merely because being 'politicially incorrect" is the new buzz.

Just get rid of the cnut. I'm sure the populace will cope after a short period of withdrawal - along will come a new STAR - we already know there are one or two londe bimbos wating to unseat that regular gal Pippa

At 5/10/10 12:49 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Shows clearly what a pedantic and uninspired thinker Key is that he continued with the interview. It was a real opportunity to show a bit of political savy but I'm afraid he showed that the lights were on but nobody was home!

At 5/10/10 1:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has Minto apologised for racially taunting an Israeli tennis player?

At 5/10/10 1:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joris de Bres is a snivelling little shit, who cares what he thinks. The sooner he loses the role to someone who can exercise it even handedly; whilst leaving their weirdo political views at the door, the better.

He's all high and mighty now (and rightly so) yet Hone Harawira's rascist out bursts have seemingly fallen on deaf ears. He does a disservice to his office.

Henry over stepped the mark, it's right that he was forced to apologize, and right that he has been stood down. If he were to be sacked from his role altogether he'll become a martyr for some (dare I say many red necks) and this issue (and the lack of reaction to other cases of rascism) will really kick off.

Rolling Henry would be a Pyrrhic victory for race relations.

At 5/10/10 1:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henry IS a pikey. End of...

At 5/10/10 2:30 pm, Anonymous James said...

Henry went too far and fall flat...fair enough.But TVNZ knows hes gold and if he were to get the kick SKY would snap him up in a heart beat for better cash and he would take his massive audience with him.

Frankly Henry is the only thing worth watching on grey socialist NZ tv...with him gone they may as well wind it up and sell it...and not before time...who needs it with SKY and the net?

At 5/10/10 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mainstream media wank on about this paul henry,mainstream media for some reason dont want to inform the people of nz about the SEARCH AND SURVEILLANCE BILL how many people actually know about it!



At 5/10/10 6:22 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

FINALLY there is an outcry and a response from TVNZ. I wonder what the BSA might make of this.

As I was trying to illustrate earlier, and its something everyone should think about.....it's NOT JUST THE RACISM and we shouldn't even be trying to rank prejudices (but then we're all good patriotic Kiwis)!

but..... apparently....


MYSOGENY kinda OK and a "bit funny"
HOMOSEXUALITY? .... a bit of a hoot maybe?

RELIGION? Miks Slams or any other derisive term could be mildly amusing.

Well NONE of it is acceptable from what is supposed to be a Public Service Broadcaster (which it isn't) - BUT - it IS owned by NZers and hopefully one day it might fulfill a PSB mandate.

He should have been booted (or at LEAST given some guidlines) A LONG TIME AGO.
What happens if we ever get a Bull Dyke Curry Munching Rug Rider that converts to ISLAM for GG. That'll be a real hoot aye Paul Henry!
When that happens you might not be able to insult her because of her status, but you'll probably be able to continue insulting Joe Average.

At 5/10/10 9:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Key seemed taken aback and said that Sir Anand was a New Zealander.


"John Key also came under fire for not challenging Henry."


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