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Saturday, October 09, 2010

UPDATE: That awful Cactus Kate and her dreadful lies

When she isn't climate denying, that awful Cactus Kate is spreading dirty filthy lies about my good self.

Cactus Kate hasn't had much to crow about after watching her beloved Rodney Hide destroy himself, so she has turned to making up false accusations and scandalous lies about me.

I NEVER said the quote re Pansy Wong that Cactus Kate is attributing to me. I have emailed Cactus Kate directly AND I have posted on her blog that she has maligned me by mis-attributing Tim's comments re Pansy Wong to me. I have given Kate Tim's email to verify if the comments are his and demand she takes down the disgusting smear she has launched against me. I never said those things regarding Pansy Wong, Tim did. You have got it wrong Kate and have put Tim's words in my mouth and have damned me for them. I demand you change your sleazy lies and attribute the comments to Mr Selwyn and take up your criticism with him and not me.

You are better than this Kate, and attempting to lie about me is dreadful.


Here is the disgustingly weak defense that Kathy Odgers, aka Cactus Kate has used to defend her use of Tim Selwyn's words in my mouth in order to make a false comparison between my comments on Paul Henry and Tim's comments on Pansy Wong...

Update: Bomber has emailed me and posted this with an explanation the posts linked above were not his and it was Tim's work I will have to accept his word, given if you hit the links now the pages do not exist. I did double check the links before attributing his work and they were from Bomber.

So while she accepts the statement from me that the words are Tim's and not mine she then goes onto insinuate that somehow I am continuing to lie because the link she has used to prove that the words are mine is broken. I was good enough for you to ask me to judge the blog awards last year Cathy, but now I'm not good enough when I tell you straight to your face that you have mis-attributed Tim's words to me to make petty point that would fall over if you couldn't continue lying about the quote. You are better than this Kate and you are embarrassing yourself now, but this next defense is just bullshit...

The wonders of team effort blogs boys is that like team effort television, you have to accept each others work. Especially when apparently Tim was in jail at the time and Bomber was posting on his behalf. Well who remembers the precise Tim period when Tim was in jail? Bomber if you posted the comments then you have to accept that you condoned them as you had full control for what was going on.

Let's get this straight, while you accept that I have contacted you directly to inform you that you are wrong about the quote (something you refuses to change in her blog I add), you then attempt to defend your use of Tim's words in my mouth by claiming that because he and I both blog on Tumeke, I am responsible for Tim's opinions. Bullshit Cathy, utter bullshit. Cathy I remind everyone that for one day you were a member of Gotcha with Cam, so by your argument you are responsible for what Cam posts? Of course you are not, attempting to use this as a defense for continuing to mis-attribute a quote about Pansy Wong to me so that you can claim I am being hypercritical over Paul Henry is beneath you and clearly a falsehood you refuse to retract for reasons of hubris for being called on something.

It would be like Paul Henry saying in his defence "TVNZ made me say it".

And this final bit is just ridiculous. Tumeke is a blog, Tim has every right to express his opinion on his blog, I don't always agree with his comments, and he doesn't always agree with mine. Paul Henry however works on the fucking state broadcaster and as such has responsibilities well beyond the mere expression of a personal opinion, trying to connect the two is desperate and certainly not your best work.

In your desperate drive to paint me as a hypocrite by using Tim's words, you have disappointed yourself. Ugly Cathy, very ugly.


At 9/10/10 7:19 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

she is getting older

At 9/10/10 8:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey the link you put up doesn't work.
Has she taken down the offending post?

At 10/10/10 12:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wait the link seems to work ok now (maybe it was just me!)
A very outrageous thing for her to do, claiming that you said something you never did.
You and Tim are clearing separate entities, and have differing views about things. How dare she lump you both together just because you are on the same blog.

At 10/10/10 8:45 am, Anonymous Cnr Joe said...

Shes 'better than that?'.
oh. righto.

At 10/10/10 11:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathy idiot! Lol!

At 11/10/10 2:41 am, Blogger Heine said...

Cry me a river. Doesn't take away the fact that you are a complete tosser.

At 11/10/10 8:45 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Sweet Christ, it must be a sad, sad, sad, sad day in Hell when Heine the Hyena is in fighting over scraps. Look Heine, this is about Kate getting it wrong. If I attributed a quote to you that wasn't yours to make some petty bitter little comparison to derail your comments on something, you would be kicking up a shit storm as well.

We don't have to like each other to all agree as bloggers to playing to some basic rules, one of them being pointing out to one another when they are wrong about something they are attributing to you as a blogger.

Look I appreciate you on the right are all a bit twitchy with Paul Henry getting sacked and the left wing move through all the elections, but that's no reason to get mean spirited Heine.

At 11/10/10 8:54 pm, Blogger Heine said...

You are reading way too much into it Bomber. I merely stated you're a tosser - a light and gentle bit of general abuse. Nothing else in it.

At 28/6/11 12:09 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"With their own words they condemn themselves."

It's fairly common practice that when the Right run out of facts and ideas (which is often), they resort to making up stuff (known colloquially as 'lies') or just outright abuse (as with Heine, above).

Of course, the anonymity of the internet helps.

As for Kathy Odgers (aka Cactus Kate), I would guess that her extremist views preclude her from ever being placed on a Party List. She is just too much of a liability.


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