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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Terrorist entities

The PM has announced that the NZ government is to ban another seven organisations that our Anglo-American overlords have deemed to be terrorist entities:

The entities are: Indian Mujahideen, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the military wing of Hamas (Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades), the Real Irish Republican Army, the Continuity Irish Republican Army, the New Peoples Army/Communist Party of the Philippines, and Hizbollah's military wing (The Islamic Resistance).

"These designations help implement our international obligations under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, which is aimed at preventing the activities of terrorists," says Mr Key.

"All seven of the entities have carried out various terrorist acts, including the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

"As a result of the designations, any assets held by the groups and found in New Zealand either now or in future will be frozen, and it will be a criminal offence to deal with property, or make property or financial services available, to the entities.

Note the "indiscriminate killing of civilians" is specifically mentioned - presumably as the main reason they have had to be banned.

So what about an organisation - indeed a government - that indiscriminately shells refugees with banned chemical weapons? That blows up a parliament building? That targets civil infrastructure with high tech weaponry? That attacks schools and shoots civilians on sight if they get too close to the ghetto fence behind which they have been imprisoned and are collectively punished by a strangulating blockade? A regime that carries out a version of apartheid? That subjugates and terrorises millions of people in their own land? That kidnaps and murders people abroad on a routine basis? A hostile entity in possession of nuclear weapons that refuses to sign nuclear treaties or even acknowledge their existence?

So what action does this National government take in regards that terrorist entity? What designation do they receive? What does it do about dealing with that entity's assets and property and services? Well, they gave them diplomatic immunity and invited them to open an embassy in Wellington is what they have done.

The Nats, MFAT and the NZ government are simply hypocrites - they are supporters of terrorism. That is the truth. They are a South Pacific European-sourced colonial entity built upon cultural oppression, permanent immigration and land confiscation supporting a similar entity in the Middle East. That is an objective assessment of the situation. Not even their spies trying to illegally acquire NZ passports for their hit squads is enough for the NZ government to break those Western imperialist colonial bonds. Their massacre of over a thousand people was barely enough to get the NZ Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, to eventually take a few minutes out of his summer holiday to issue a press statement expressing merely "concern" and trying to blame both sides - and only that came after rebuking a local politician for "sophistry" over pointing out the Minister's callous disregard of the spiralling civilian body count. McCully in that missive emphasising the need for the government to be "even-handed" over the onslaught against the refugees and their democratically elected government. Sophistry indeed.

The PM has designated only groups from one side of the conflict as the terrorists even though both sides use essentially the same tactics. It is "our" government that should be designated an international outlaw because "we" are harbouring what is effectively a safe house and cell group of these militant ethno-religious fanatics at 39 The Terrace, Wellington. "Our" precious, pathetic government has zero credibility when it comes to saying who and who is not a terrorist.

The PM continues:

"Other support such as fundraising, and recruiting or harbouring terrorists is a criminal offence in New Zealand, regardless of whether a group is designated as a terrorist entity or not.

"These designations are not a response to domestic terrorist threats in New Zealand. They form part of the Government's support for the building of an international bulwark against terrorist activities, wherever they might occur.

"The Government is determined that New Zealand not be used to support terrorist activities," says Mr Key.

The terrorists are five minutes walk from the Beehive at No. 39 The Terrace, Wellington and it was John Key and his government that invited them there.


At 12/10/10 9:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This will be the great battle of the 21st century, the battle against borders (of the mind) and against this provincial, small, petty vision that defines a human being through "the idea" of a nation, and is truly cultural in the most fundamental sense...a collapse of traditional cultural or geographic borders, as their birthright in an increasingly undifferentiated world...moving fluidly from the broadest to the most narrow canvas and exploring the interplay of the individual and society."


At 12/10/10 9:52 pm, Anonymous taniwha said...

Hey Tim, Check out the upgrade of the Orions and Herc's.
Would you be horrified to see Israeli military contractors involved?

They should probably add Xe/Blackwater to the list. It gives me the shits thinking about Tuhoe contracting those bastards to man the checkpoints into the Ureweras....

At 14/10/10 5:53 pm, Anonymous fatty said...

How dare those Irish think the British should give back their land


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