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Monday, October 11, 2010

The shift to the left

It's a Len-slide for Brown
AUCKLAND'S FIRST super city election has produced an awkward but workable marriage, with the left-leaning Len Brown and Prime Minister John Key pledging to work together after Brown trumped the government's preferred candidate John Banks by a big margin for the second most important post in the land.

The result, some say, is disastrous for the National government, who were relying on former Auckland City mayor Banks getting his foot in the door of a super city designed by Act leader Rodney Hide. That door was slammed in his face as Brown pulled down 221,000 votes to Banks' 161,000.

There has been a large shift to the left (wouldn't a Green Wellington be amazing), and as Metro Editor Simon Wilson pointed out on The Nation, this shift has occurred under the National news radar. The cheapo brainfart telephone polls predicted Brown and Banks neck and neck, yet it was a landslide, for the Mayors and the council...

Auckland vote a 'disaster for government'
THE NEW super city council will not be stymied by fighting between factions as it is largely left-leaning, political commentator Matt McCarten says.

"Brown will be fine because he has got a majority," he said.

McCarten said the split was 11 left to nine right, officially, but it was more like 12 to eight, and with Brown it was 13 to eight.

"Those who are on the right are pretty harmless. All the left big players are there but the right players are not. So it's going to be seamless."

...the very same cheapo brainfart telephone polls are claiming National have over 50% support. The worst recession in living memory is biting and the consumer driven market research opinion polls are missing those who aren't consuming.

Losing their favourite mouthpiece on TVNZ with Paul Henry's jump before pushed resignation was bad, losing control of all ideological sway over local body councils is unimaginable. After all the work the right went into spiking the Super City by appointing the CCO's minus the consultation promised, to have the brakes applied by the left will have gears grinding in Wellington this week.

Let's not forget, the hard right policies Key has been rollin out this election term are all 'national lite', he promised the hard hard right stuff post 2011 and I think the generosity of 'change' so many NZers gave Key in 2008 only goes so far.


At 11/10/10 3:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again wishful thinking. When the anti-Banks campaign kicked in a few weeks back and the Nats didn't bother to support him, then the only thing that could stop Len The Trotsky from winning was an earthquake (or so Slater said)

What is more important is the overwhelming sentiment that neither Banks OR Brown are good enough for the job.

At 11/10/10 5:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no obvious reasons for a law requiring foreigners to get government consent to buy farmland.

There are no common international laws in this field because they are driven by emotion and xenophobia.



At 11/10/10 6:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...the very same cheapo brainfart telephone polls are claiming National have over 50% support.

get garner

Banished Labour MP Chris Carter is expected to deliver a one hour explanation of why he should not be expelled from the party when its ruling council considers disloyalty charges against him tonight.

Labour's ruling council will shortly consider what action to take against Mr Carter after his bungled bid to undermine leader Phil Goff in July.

Mr Carter distributed an anonymous note which claimed Labour MPs were plotting to overthrow Mr Goff.

Mr Carter was traced as the source within hours and expelled from Labour's caucus.

Labour's ruling council is widely expected to strip him of his party membership during a meeting due to start around 5.30pm.

Mr Carter has said he will fight the move and is understood to have sought at least one hour to make his defence.

He has already withdrawn his candidacy for Labour for the safe Te Atatu seat, but will remain in Parliament as an independent till the next election.

Mr Carter said he was looking forward to "a robust discussion about why I should still remain a member of the Labour Party".

"I'm still committed to that, I still support Labour. I'm certainly going up there with a lot of confidence and I have a good record to talk about."

At 11/10/10 6:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Len The Trotsky betta than a post-historical-marxist eh bumma

At 12/10/10 12:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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