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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rodney Hide to create new super, super Council to stop Len Brown

Hide plans new Super City committee
Local Government Minister Rodney Hide wants to set up a new Cabinet Committee to hear the new Auckland Council's pleas and weigh up the Government's responses. It would have the power to reject any requests from Mayor-elect Len Brown and his council.

Everybodys favourite orange oompa loompa of hypocrisy, Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has announced in the wake of Len Browns victory a brand new council to over rule any decision made by Len and the new Auckland Super City Council.

Ummmm, I’m sorry, what? A new Council above the Auckland Super City Council? But, Brothers and Sisters, wasn’t one of the first reasons we just amalgamated all the Councils because we were sick of all the multi-council crap in the first place?

Why only two weeks after Len Brown wins is Rodney Hide now flying a kite to create a new super super council to over rule the one Len Brown just got elected to. Isn’t this Rodney deciding to ignore the voters of Auckland completely to suddenly create a super super council because John Banks didn’t win?

Not content to annex Auckland under a misuse of urgency, deny Maori any representation and appoint Council-controlled organizations minus the promised consultation. Rodney now wants to defy the recent election by creating a new Council to over ride the Auckland Super City Council, brothers and sisters, what the fuck was the point in voting if Rodney Hide was simply going to invent another Council that stops that vote meaning anything?

If you’re not angry yet, you’re not paying attention. This is clearly the Actors Unions fault.


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