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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Police Association want more incentives to kill boy racers

Police chase policy 'licence to have a go'
The head of the police association says motorists who flee police are being given an incentive "to have a go" and fears more innocent people could be killed.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said an increasing number of motorists did not fear the consequences when trying to evade police.

"They know that if they go fast enough, police will eventually pull out. But in making themselves go faster they are killing themselves and occasionally, innocent parties."

"What we have done is incentivised people to have a go. Herein lies our exact problem," said Mr O'Connor.

His comments follow the deaths of two men yesterday morning who fled police on two occasions, in Mount Maunganui and Papamoa, before crashing in Te Puke.

They men had not been named late yesterday.

The fatal smash brings the number of people who have died in police pursuits this year to 18 in 12 pursuits - the worst on record.

The previous highest was six deaths in 2008.

Mr O'Connor said the maximum fine for drivers fleeing police was $10,000, but this was rarely imposed.

In an astounding step, Police Cheerleader Greg O’Conner defended the 18th death by police chases this year by claiming that the law isn’t tough enough on boy racers and so a $10 000 fine imposed on fleeing boy racers would stop them from fleeing.

Let’s get this straight, the Hulk angry smash car Crusher Collins crap initiated by redneck enthusiast Clayton Cosgrove isn’t harsh enough, the impounding powers on boy racers isn’t scary enough, the new laws aimed at boy racers aren’t draconian enough, oh no, now the Police would like to justify their revenue gathering policies which has seen our death rate from police chases skyrocket by now demanding all boy racers who flee get fined $10 000?

Have I woken up at a Ku Klux Klan rally brothers and sisters? The authorities have terrified the piss out of boy racers by enforcing revenue gathering policies at the cost of public safety and the Police Association think the best way to deal with frightened boy racers who take off in the heat of the moment is by enforcing $10 000 fines?

Why don’t the NZ Police just use rocket propelled grenades against boy racers, if we are going to structure social policy that actually kills people, shouldn’t we just let them go the whole hog? How would enforcing $10 000 fines stop boy racers from fleeing, won’t it in fact lead to every citizen trying to flee a Police chase? See why the Police shouldn’t be allowed to come up with their own laws like the search and surveillance powers which are being debated this month where the Police want the right to spy on you with as little judicial oversight as possible.

Maybe I’m going out on a limb here brothers and sisters, but let’s tell the Police what we want them to do rather than allowing the Police tell us what they want to do.


At 12/10/10 9:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While not 100% On topic, I'm sure it was proposed that upon being caught, boy racer's cars would be impounded and crushed.

Won't help the death toll from police pursuits but should be a disincentive for those wont to mince about the town centre, all beered-up in a rice rocket?


At 12/10/10 10:45 am, Anonymous Dex said...

Do you actually have any solutions Bomber that won't result in more criminals running?

And lets face reality, almost all of those killed have been drunk, car thieves, disqualified drivers or just run of the mill crooks.

Please stop demonising 'boy racers' and blaming them for all this when in reality most genuine boyracers rarely run.

At 12/10/10 12:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm...so exactly what opponents of the "police should call of chases policy" said would happen...is now happening.

People are incentivised to drive very dangerously in order to make cops give up the chase.

So, how early should cops call it off? If someone is at a drink driving check point and speeds up do the cops just wave them through?

What should be the penalty if (god willing the car isn't stolen or has fake plates) the cops can trace the licence plate to a particular address and owner - if not a particular driver? Once the cops catch up with them what then?

Obviously anyone can steal a car and joyride about with immunity as well, as long as they drive away fast enough.

At 12/10/10 4:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Maybe I’m going out on a limb here brothers and sisters, but let’s tell the Police what we want them to do rather than allowing the Police tell us what they want to do."

'We' have Bomber. By voting in National as government and now Collins is implementing policies that 'we' want.

So really you are putting yourself out on a limb by advocating something that the majority of voters do not want.

At 12/10/10 5:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Connor's exactly right. There needs to be a disincentive. You seem to want people to be able to disobey the law at will.

At 12/10/10 7:45 pm, Anonymous Rachael said...

Police Assn is blood thirsty or supports pollies who're money hungry. The anon Police spin Drs posting here disinform. Chases have not been incentivised and increased in numbers by the globally STANDARD policy of pulling out at high speeds. The phenomenal chase rise is solely due to increased perception of penalties from 2003 (boy racer legislation passed) and from George Hawkins (goddamn his death warrant signing soul) signing off of use of software that sets regional traffic offence quotas rollout 2003. Leading to a 400% increase in chase numbers that now lead the world and from a prior average chase toll of 1-2 yearly to 18 today. 2/3rd of the victims were shown in a Herald dbl feature (24/25 SEPT)to be innocent bystanders. Anyone supporting the current chase policy that has been condemned by the IPCA after extensive research and by global pursuit experts like Dr Alpert is eithe suicidal or morally bankrupt. The Police Association is being diversionary and dangerous in recommending a focus on penalties versis on reduction of indications for chase initiations. Fact - all places that have increased flight penalties have copped more runners and more trauma to innocents eg NSW passed Skyes law this year and the next day after much publicity a 15 year old girl who'd harmed noone was facing more prison time than a road killer would and straightaway another runner killed himself and a family of 3 he pranged into. Good 'un NSW.

Fact - the global trend is to restrict the use of lethal force chases (equal to armed offenders waving guns around in built up busy areas) to non trivial urgent apprehensions - only violent offenders in the safest road countries. Queensland just banned chases of traffic offenders. 75% of NZs lethal chases are commencede over minor traffic infringements (greatly enhancing harm scores) or non offences ie Cops have been lurking looking for trouble and try to pull over targeted youth (often brown) to see if they can find an offence eg licence breach. This excessive interest clearly isn't concerned or constructive or evidence based as NZ leads the OECD in youth tolls aged 15-17 aided much by Police chases. It may be why Justice Godsard recommended no pursuits where a CRIMINAL offence is not well evidenced. Profiling of youth as likely offenders and then chasing them just because they have been unwilling to stop so quotas can be met is kinda homicidal behaviour, or stupid at the least. Its not the actions of a peace force keeping vows to preserve life. Youth chases and chases of cars with jeopardised passengers are banned in most sane places. Why are Police allergic to all recommendations for evidence based changes - why is Steven Joyce who by contract is responsible for Polices road safety outcomes silent, why is Judith Collins (responsible for Police standards like ensuring they work safest) still playing dumb, even though she has received much evidence in the post as to what works and what doesn't.
There will be chase forums organised in Unis soon so that youth can hear alternatives to morally bankrupt dishonest Police spin. Informed means armed to stop Police mowing down your kid on a school crossing for no good reason near you! So funny everyones worried about Henry's risque race comments, they weren't lethal while this chase racism and ageism goes on under everyones nose but people have faith NZ Police know what they're doing - yeah right.


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