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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peter Jackson wins nomination for best supporting actor in a commercial negotiating tactic

Well, well, well - aren't some NZers feeling like sheep today? The first formal admission that Warners Bros is asking for a higher tax rebate...

Hobbit used to push through law changes - CTU
LATEST: The Government has been accused of using the row over The Hobbit films to push through employment law changes which union leaders claim will see thousands of workers stripped of sick leave, holidays and other rights.

Prime Minister John Key said on Monday that the Government would almost certainly have to change the legal test for deciding whether a worker was an employee or a contractor after United States studio Warner Bros cited the present law as a major reason for it considering moving the two films from New Zealand.

The studio has also asked for bigger taxpayer subsidies for staying in New Zealand after it was offered more generous breaks for going to other countries.

...the NZ mainstream media have given the death of a psychic octopus more coverage than the fact that this 'crises' over the Hobbit has been manufactured, and like a bunch of stoned Hobbits the majority of NZers have followed the lead of the mainstream media and blamed all of this on the the dreaded actors union which in a week has become a pinker shade of communism with Helen Kelly portrayed about as socially acceptable as child cancer.

Peter Jackson has been played, the Actors Union has been played, and NZers have been played all so Warners Bros could hard ball the Government into lifting the corporate welfare while John Key slashes domestic welfare. Key found $1.7 billion to bail out Mr Magoo at South Canterbury Finance, he sure as fuck will find a measly $40 million to pay Warners!

This is the part of the game that is most dangerous for the National Party, already there is a backlash in public opinion and in some parts of the media who watched those 10 Warners Bros executives sweep into town in their luxury cars to hard ball the Government into the obvious lift in tax rebates and the bad taste of having John Key act as divisively over the Unions in the Hobbit as Robert Muldoon was with anti-apartheid protesters in the Spring Bok tour is starting to look way too obvious now.

This was NEVER about the Actors Union and was ALWAYS about Warners setting the environment of panic to suggest a pull out to hard ball the Hobbit and so many of my fellow NZers fell for it, Jesus you lot are slow and easy to manipulate sometimes!

So how does this predictable script end now? Key 'cuts a deal' (how many times will we have to put up with every commentator in the mainstream media proclaiming Key as 'the deal maker'?) to 'save the Hobbit' by writing out a huge corporate welfare cheque to Warners, and to make that corporate welfare payment look less important, John Key will change the bloody labour laws to pretend it was always about the Unions, all the while endlessly kicking Helen Kelly.

If we are blaming everything on the Actors Unions, I would also like to blame them for the following; the high price of milk, road accidents that occur during a full moon, premature ejaculation, the lack of progress in Afghanistan and Cross eyed babies

Blaming the Actors Union for what are really negotiating tactics by Warners Brothers is as believable as Oliver Driver fronting a smoke free campaign

How Journalists can report John Key’s, Gerry Brownlee’s and Peter Jacksons hysterical rants about Helen Kelly as fact without questioning the role of Warner Brothers to get a higher tax rebate in all of this is made even more astounding when you consider Peter Jackson himself told the Government in his report on the Film Industry that the biggest hurdle for corporations making films here was our globally low 15% tax rebate. Isn’t it extraordinary that all of a sudden that tax rebate has nothing to do with this manufactured crises?

Warners will be laughing all the way to the bloody bank


At 27/10/10 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If bigger tax breaks were the main issue they would have asked for them straight up months ago. You really think a bunch of American movies execs have the time in their lives, or desire, to mindfuck a small country? Dont flatter yourself.
Kelly and her stupid actor mates have put this countrys film industry in an untenible position, and Warners are just asking for more while their foot in on our throats.

At 27/10/10 10:06 am, Blogger Bomber said...

I see why you post anonymously, I wouldn't want to put my name to your thoughts either anon - the sad truth is that you have been played, and quite frankly Anon, you are part of the problem. This is EXACTLY how large corporations play hard ball, spin a manufactured lie about the Unions, force the upper hand and demand larger corporate welfare. Your ability to be mindlessly led Anon is what is the problem here, not your mythical list of things to blame on the Actor's Unions.

NZ just got played like chumps and you still want to blame the Actors Union.

Hilarious stuff.

At 27/10/10 10:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Zealand + Dildo + Warners = One big New Zealand shaped ass F*ck.

At 27/10/10 1:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would American movie execs have the time in their lives, or desire to mind fuck a small country you ask?

To save themselves millions you utter, utter fuckwit I answer..

At 27/10/10 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it me or is the tide starting to turn on this one? Not one letter in defence of Warners, PJ or the Govt in GrannyHerald this morning and more than a few having a go at Fran's anti-union rant.

At 27/10/10 5:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah its just you.

At 27/10/10 6:29 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

......and as it plays out in the "mainstream media"....even Jonkey is admitting its all about money.
Easy to see though how the electorate got conned at the last erection. Short term vision, Sheep mentality. Bahhhhhhh Bahhhh.
Right now, they're all barracking for corporate welfare. When Warner Bros (if they do) shift offshore, they'll be barracking for social welfare.
Why do I feel like fucking off to OZ? NOT because of supposed better wages/better lifestyle/better climate. Simply because over the past couple of decades, they've shown more balls when it comes to recognising and fighting bullshit.
Who'd have thought Peter Jackson would have succumbed to the bullshit - not me. Still, I spose comfort, old age, complacency, people falling all over the place fawning all over you is obviously a powerful force in demolishing principle.
....yes Keemusavvy.

What a fuckn croc!

Actually, I'm thinking I no longer WANT my taxes going towards the 22 thousand fuckwits conned by what will eventually be seen as a fukn blip in the overall scheme of things.
Thankfully the likes of the CTU have a more charitable outlook.

A quarter of a century of this neo-liberal ispired shit that demonstrably hansn't worked
is a significant part of my life.

I've been trying to determine the difference between Australians and New Zealanders. One is obviously that NZers are slower to wake the fuck up!

Probably why they're now being confronted by a "super fucking city". It's still a pimple on the asshole of the world - pretty as it may be.

At 27/10/10 7:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alla these drongos wankin on about how much NZ 'needs' the Hobbit flick do understand that it is just a sequel, don't they? A sequel delivered 10 years too late as evidenced by the fact that none of LOTR epic bores made it onto the Guardian's list of 'top 100 movies 2000 to 2010'.
Apart from dumb kiwis most of whom had never even heard of Frodo Baggins before Jackson reduced LOTR trilogy to a swords and sandals soap opera, and those boring creeps who used to dance on their own up the front at concerts in the 60's & 70's; who firmly believe 'stairway to heaven' was the epitome of musical discourse will bother with the Hobbit.
Warners know this & hopes otherwise but needs to cover its ass by getting we the dumb kiwi taxpayer to fund the mess.
If the movie works warners get to keep all shekels - if it loses NZ carries the loss. John Key the Hollywood producer.

At 27/10/10 9:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know you've hit rock bottom when you have to tally up letters in the Herald that you agree with to ake you feel better.

At 9/11/10 11:18 am, Anonymous Frank Macskasy said...

Can anyone remind me...

Did we march when Fisher & Paykel relocated their manufacturing to China? What about Katmandu? Call centres to Mumbai or Manila? Sold BNZ and Postbank to the Aussies? Telecom to the Yanks?


Funny that...

And we would've lost hundreds of millions more in profits remitted to offshore investors, and thousands more jobs to low-wage ecomomies than the threat to pull "The Hobbit" ever would've achieved.

But folks don't seem too fussed about that, do they?


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