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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paul Henry Supporters are to National what the Tea Party movement is to the Republicans

Paul Henry Supporters are to National what the Tea Party movement is to the Republicans. If you want to see how low to the ground the knuckles drag, how deep a crimson in the red of the country’s neck is or how loud the bango twangs, squeal like a piggy and rush over to the Bring Back Paul Henry NOW facebook site and read his supporters views. This site shows up the deep failings of our education system in the exact same way the witchhunts in Salem highlighted jurisdiction overlaps between the judiciary and religion.

Paul Henry Supporters hate the word pakeha, always tick European NZer in any survey, believe PC madness has taken over the world and argue with the passion of militant anti-abortionist’s firebombing a clinic, that when Paul insinuated only white NZers could be real NZers that he wasn’t being racist at all. Paul Henry supporters don’t care that he said it on the Public Broadcaster, they want a heavy handed dollop of reactionary ignorance to go with their cornflakes at Breakfast in the morning or the world won’t make sense.

Whanau, intolerance isn’t a defence for free speech, it is in spite of free speech which is funny because what Paul Henry Supporters really want is spiteful free speech.


At 20/10/10 12:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But refusing to speak to a white reporter isnt racism.


At 20/10/10 1:01 pm, Anonymous steve said...

and yet you still ignore the everyhorizion foundation.............

At 20/10/10 1:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God willing they will be better contained by National than the Tea Party.

I know you think the US won't vote for the crazy fundies they are putting up in November; but I'm getting a little nervy about it all!

Relatives of mine were in the States recently and a lot of people just seem to be grumbling about the sort of money Obama is throwing around...and this was pre-Obamacare.

Rough figures here but I thought the percentage of evangelicals was +/- 25% of the US population..when 50% of people vote that's pretty scary. The Republicans will do well in the Rockies, just a case of how well...and how will they fare elsewhere.

Read this last night...


"In the long term new insurance exchanges, due to appear in 2014 and backed up with fines and subsidies, are supposed to curb rising health costs and premiums. That may or may not happen; a lot depends on how a new panel meant to hack away at the cost of government-reimbursed health care for the elderly works in practice. But in the short term, individual Americans buying cover for next year have already seen their premiums increase by an average of around 20%. Mercer, a benefits consultancy, estimates that bigger corporations think health costs will increase by around 10% next year if no preventive action is taken—with roughly a quarter of that increase stemming from new health regulations."

That is some scary sh*t..the benefits won't be fully felt yet, and the costs are thrown on at the start

The last thing the States needs now is the blessed division of powers to hamstring any attempt at cohesive government.

At 20/10/10 2:38 pm, Blogger Sam Barry said...

Re: Anonymous 12.42pm - Equating disgust for Paul Henry's comments as support for the actions of Hone Harawira is pretty far fetched. Hone Harawira's act of refusing to speak to white reporters is divisive, just like Paul Henry's comments were. Both men have done nothing illegal, they often use their right to free speech as we are all entitled to do in New Zealand. But both men have shown they lack the judgement and good character to hold the postitions that they do, and I hope that they won't become the norm in NZ in the same way that the loudest and most radical individuals have in the US.

At 20/10/10 3:09 pm, Anonymous fatty said...


"and yet you still ignore the everyhorizion foundation............."

In what capacity does this foundation challenge Henry's idea that a Kiwi should be limited to a few (or one?) ethnicities?

The Everyhorizon Foundation just adds to what he said...have you heard of the white man's burden?

...Build a few houses and climb a mountain for the third world, then suggest anyone with that colored skin is not equal?
FFS, that's some arrogant, racist, white mans burden shit right there.

Henry may be making a difference to needy people, but if you combine that 'charity' with a desire for ethnic purity within NZ, then its a perfect example of eurocentric racism.

Racism is not overcome by 'scoring good points', racism is also not only limited to actions or words...racism can exist by perpetuating assumptions and stereotypes of cultures from a hegemonic position.

In no way does his foundation disprove he's a racist, in fact it proves he is.

At 20/10/10 4:38 pm, Anonymous steve said...

Ah so because of the "white mans" past transgressions, every act of human charity towards other races is seen as guilt now? Thats an extremely cynical view.

I fail to see how Henry through his foundation is "perpetuating assumptions and stereotypes of cultures from a hegemonic position." Some how i dont think he sent a postcard back saying " told you they are all poor and dumb".

Final word "Henry may be making a difference to needy people". Exactly. Which is more than Martyn Bradbury, Unite Union, Labour, and Joe Carolan have ever done.

At 20/10/10 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would Paul Henry think that Hone Harawira looked & sounded like a REAL New Zealander?

At 20/10/10 7:37 pm, Anonymous fatty said...

"Ah so because of the "white mans" past transgressions, every act of human charity towards other races is seen as guilt now? Thats an extremely cynical view."

Try looking up 'white mans burden' and reading the poem before making an assumption on what it means...(It revolves around ethnocentric views, the 'burden' of helping others and cultural arrogance)

I never said 'every act of human charity'...I was linking the two acts of Paul Henry, the first being his charity and the other being his preference for ethnic purity, and making a judgment on that.

"I fail to see how Henry through his foundation is "perpetuating assumptions and stereotypes of cultures from a hegemonic position"

Of course you fail, try reading white man's burden and see if you can apply it to Henry's charity work. Think about how that relates to Henry's desire for NZ to be culturally pure. Think about how he uses his power to project white superiority.

As for your last sentence, that is wrong in every way...are you saying that Paul Henry has done more for needy people than the Labour Party?

At 20/10/10 10:25 pm, Blogger Joseph said...

All welcome to the Debate tomorrow.



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