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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The one word TV reporters in NZ are not allowed to say on screen

No TV journalist in NZ is ever allowed, for any reason whatsoever to mention the word Ideology on screen. Ever. This unspoken rule is going to make covering the election next year incredibly difficult for the mainstream media because the next election is going to be all about ideology.

The depressing great recession inspired by the failure of deregulated free market extremism is the reason why beneficiaries are being asked to tighten their belts while the former merchant banker Prime Minister hands himself and his wealth class giant tax cuts funded by a rise in GST paid by the majority who earn under $50 000. That anger and the perception that corporate criminals benefited by molesting barely understood derivatives market while the rest of us suffer - is ripe for political representation.

The Free Market has failed and the State can offer a better deal, Keynesian Capitalism helps build strong democracies, not the greed of Milton Friedman's neoliberal fantasy and NZers can understand that concept without needing a doctorate in economics, because they are feeling the pain of the this economic collapse today, right now. They are working harder and going backwards, Key's promise they would be better each week hasn't eventuated and his hope that the recent damning NZIER report will not suggest a deteriorating economic situation because Summer is coming starts looking a bit 'boy in a bubble'.

The vacant optimism of John Key's aspiration politics can not work in a recession, as Otago University political scientist Brian Roper said of the massive Union turn outs at yesterdays protest...

he said today's rallies might be seen by future historians as "the beginning of the end of the honeymoon period of this Government" as low income workers began to feel the impacts of this month's GST increase and the employment law changes.

"Once the majority of workers starts to become aware of the negative implications of these employment law changes, that is going to cause some concern and lead especially those workers who voted National in the last election to rethink that."

...the 2011 election will not be the cakewalk for the right that Kiwiblogh, the National Party and the mainstream media all claim it will be.

On another note, the UK Government is to sack 490 000 public sector workers and decimate welfare, yeah, that'll work! It's a crises OF corporate capitalism, not a crises FOR corporate capitalism.


At 21/10/10 10:15 am, Anonymous Helen M said...

If they did start talking about ideology they'd get it all wrong - it's an easy word to misuse, and in the hands of our TV journos ......So it may be just as well they don't. Anyway, haven't we all given up on mainstream media as a source of astute political commentary?

At 21/10/10 11:46 am, Anonymous sdm said...

Bomber - with UK government debt being 71.3% of GDP, what other choice did Cameron have?

At 21/10/10 2:12 pm, Anonymous JonL said...

Interesting how Cameron is shutting down and gutting all the institutions that benefit the average population, while leaving all the Quango's that subsidise big business alone, to carry on as usual........

At 21/10/10 3:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is another word that is verboten to - "class".

At 21/10/10 5:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't like my critique about you economic plan to save NZ.

Truth hurts doesn't it?

At 21/10/10 5:13 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

I guess you didn't like my critique about you economic plan to save NZ.

Truth hurts doesn't it?

YAWN - No clown, i didn't print it because I never said what you claimed. Please go through the entire Tumeke blog and find one post where I said we should print money as a solution?

Anonymous Trolls a dull.

At 21/10/10 7:07 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

Roosevelt's policies extended the Great Depression by seven years. Google it.

And deal with it.


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