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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The new NZ Flag

After suspending our sovereignty by ramming through defective employment legislation under a misuse of urgency for the interests of a multi national corporation, the lest John could do is give the country a new flag.


At 30/10/10 11:31 am, Anonymous anfield1973 said...

Th-Th-Th- That's All Folks!

At 30/10/10 11:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Upset? Blame the unions.

At 30/10/10 12:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Upset? Blame the unions."

Unions? Do you mean all unions? Because only one union was involved, and yet you slander all unions.
I think what you meant was "Blame the union."

And I hardly see how it was one union's fault that Warners demanded millions of dollars in tax rebates. What has that got to do with the union? It had nothing whatsoever to do with what the actors wanted.

What I fail to understand in all of this is: At the moment our actors are considered to be "cheap labour". Everyone jumps all over them as though they are Satan for wanting better conditions. So are sweatshops now acceptable because they are "cheap labour"?
Maybe we should drop our minimum wage to $2 an hour hour, and then we would be able to produce heaps of stuff on the cheap and rival China, etc.

At 30/10/10 12:43 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Have to agree...John Key and WB did a deal...my cousin is one of the vice presidents at WB and they are laughing all the way to the bank

At 30/10/10 3:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Upset? Blame the unions."

Yeah, why think for yourself and examine what really is going on here when you are being feed a scape goat(the unions).

I wonder how some on the right would be reacting to the WB deal if they were an Asian company.

At 30/10/10 11:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new flag but it should also have a picture of Jackson (I can't bring myself to call him Sir Peter) slaying the demon unions.

At 31/10/10 8:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I blame Peter Jackson. Why did he not for see this employment problem and sort it years ago?

At 1/11/10 1:47 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

At Anonymous 8:02 PM:
He didn't forsee it because he's getting older; revelling in his past success; trying to keep the missus entertained; after years of work and success......legitimising his existence and betrayal of principle by telling himself he's paid his dues; constantly in contact with those Warner people - who are really nice blokes and wouldn't EVER pull stunts; thinking of his mark on the Miramar Penninsula; thinking of his grandchildren and how they deserve the best - even at the expense of others........... YOU TELL ME.
But what ever and HOW ever the New Zil public characterise him as their "hero" in their nationalistic fervour - the guy in this instance is as bigger dork who has been conned just as royally as ANY dork that took it up the ass and decided he liked it


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