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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

National don't want to hear 90 day right to sack criticisms

While the Unions protest today, National do NOT want to hear any criticism of their 90 day right to sack powers which were expanded to the entire economy against the wishes of Nationals own Labour Minister and were pushed through by everyone's favourite political party of hypocrites, ACT.

In the intellectual vacuum I like to call John Key's leadership, the 90 day right to sack was another example of the ACT tail wagging the National dog because National don't have any ideas of their own that can withstand public scrutiny.

National don't want to hear it, as Tau Henare so abruptly pointed out at the select committee meeting looking at the impacts of the 90 day right to sack, which the Department of Labour report pointed out would end up sacking 1 in 5 NZers and WON'T employ more people on the fringes as the Government claims...

MP accused of bullyboy tactics
National MP Tau Henare is refusing to apologise for calling a teenage select committee submitter "a liar".

James Sleep, 18, convener of the the Council of Trade Unions youth sector, gave evidence to the transport and industrial relations committee on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill last month.

He said the list MP used "bullyboy tactics" by interrupting his submission and accusing him of lying about his evidence in "a bit of a tirade".

"I was telling the story about how a worker had been sacked under the 90-day trial ... We have several cases ... and in my written submission I had talked about another story and he just went off his head really.

"He interrupted and said: 'You are just a liar, you are bullshitting.' I went on and he stopped [me] again: 'You're just lying, you are misleading us."'

...National don't want to hear what the impact of their 90 day right to sack law does.


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