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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Nation and Q+A review

The Nation is doing so well in the ratings that TVNZ have stopped releasing the polished numbers for both shows, leaving only the raw numbers so that The Nation's constant increase in ratings can be minimized.

The Nation
Hone is on getting grilled by Duncan. Hone really is a fantastic MP, articulate, brilliant and says things with such a raw truth it can grate. He makes a great point of how the right wing blogs are using Paul Henry's comment to attack him again when asked by Duncan if pakeha were racist (how often have we all heard that Paul didn't say something as controversial as Hone as a defence for Paul?), sure he said white mofos raped and pillaged the land (which is true) and he said he was uncomfortable when his daughter dated outside of his race (the only comment I always found totally unacceptable), but as a voice for Maoridom he has to be at the table when decisions are getting made.

Duncan asks if he will be a new co-leader (he says he has no ambitions, he isn't tactful, nice or diplomatic - which is very honest) but he did say he wanted to go into coalition with the Greens (the Maori Party and the Greens vote more often alike than any other political party). I would have preferred hearing Hone give his views on the wider issues of the day, not enough time was spent on the foreshore and seabed issue or what the Maori Party intend to do next election.

A very long and annoying piece on the Museum and then the SFO spooked Neville Gibson so that's a story - thank Christ Matt Nippett is on the Panel, that awful John Roughan is also on. Nice suit Matt, I want a watch like that. Matt's pissy that he was threatened by the SFO to hand over information on the SCF deal because they don't do much of their own research, both seem to think that Journalists have a legal privilege that doesn't actually exist.

Next story is about architecture. I'm falling asleep. How come a story on architecture did not actually include anything about the recent chicken pens being sold as the new state housing?

In a week where the only story was the Hobbit, or that Murray McCully formed a friendly society with Indonesia when they are caught torturing priests, or the report that National Standards had been rushed, or that Rodney Hide is trying to create a new council that can stop anything Len Brown wants - oh no, none of that.

This mornings 'The Nation' was a snooze fest.

Matt makes a brilliant point about how slow everyone was to respond to SCF, and that if they had done their job well he wouldn't be getting dragged over the coals. Duncan points out that the real difficulty of the Maori Party will be in 2011 when they are forced to choose between Labour and National. The panel predicts that tax breaks will be offered by Key and the Hobbit WILL stay in NZ and John Key will declare to the country that he has 'saved' the Hobbit from the evil Union - surprise, surprise.

q+a is all over it, state housing special, the Hobbit issue and US foreign policy.

Clare Robinson, Phil O'reilly and Sue Bradford are on the panel.

Holmes bangs the drums of Mordor over The Hobbit, blames the Actors. YAWN. The Government have offered to change Labour laws and are now looking to increase the tax rebate (which is what this has always been about, it's never been about the bloody actors).

Barnett and Helen Kelly are on debating issues. Helen points out resolution was started weeks ago, Paul claims that NZers perceive it was the actors fault (Why is that? Because the mainstream media have been played like little lap dogs for Warners Bros that's why!!!!)

Paul relishes putting the boot into the Union, and starts foaming, he screams it's the actors fault, he screams its the Union's fault. He bashes, he attacks and may as well end with pissing on a photo of Helen Kelly.

This is a public execution masquerading as current affairs. Not once is Warners Bros and the tax rebate mentioned. This is a farce. I can't wait to have a go at this manufactured crises on the War on News this week.

Barnett launches into Helen, it's a tag team match. It's as if Peter Jackson's comments when looking into the film industry that the biggest issue was NZs low tax rebate, it's all now the Unions fault and their thug tactics and because Helen was asked in to facilitate the issue at the last moment, she knows nothing.

I hope Paul Holmes gets a credit mention in The Hobbit for all his work to ensure the panic and anger at the Union so Warners Bros can get that extra tax rebate that they wanted all along. My prediction is that it gets filmed here, Key 'cuts a deal' as the deal maker giving more corporate welfare claiming all the while to have 'saved the Hobbit despite the awful union'. I hope the actual movie won't be as predictable as this manufactured crises.

Phil Heatley is on talking about forcing state home owners out of their home after 3 years to sell state hoses, apparently an opportunity to bash unions over a manufactured crises at the Hobbit was more important than forcing state house tenants onto the street. That's current affairs on TVNZ for you.

Phil has been told to fly the kite for throwing the poor onto the streets to see if there is any backlash so National can scurry away. The euphemism is 'reviewable tenancy', it's used as a term to throw the poor onto the street.

I love how a man who charged fast food to the Government accounts is now allowed to lecture the poor in state homes on whether they are worthy of state support. Hilarious.

He is looking to drop the 70 000 state houses to force them into private corporation social housing, he is now revealing almost 8 minutes into the fucking interview that he is going to decimate the 70 000 state homes by about 20% That's 14 000 homes he is about to privatize.

No headlines for 14 000 state homes about to be privatized? Better to block that debate by accusing the actors union of being a pinker shade of communism so that the manufactured crises at the Hobbit can suck oxygen away from privatizing state homes as quickly as it did when smothering the fact 15000-22000 workers marched for better rights last week.

Interesting piece with bloke from the US (James Clad) about borders. NZ will be the new cold war front between the US and China, he points out that we aren't safe in the Shire.


At 24/10/10 10:44 am, Anonymous aj said...

No, that wasn't Clare robinson, it was Michel Boag in disguise.
That programas not journalism. Kelly, from memory, never got to finish any one of her sentences. Shouted down every time, she was tag teamed.
Bradford did well with her limited opportunity, but again got shafted for time at the end of the program.
It says something for that particular show when O'Reilly alomost looked to give a slightly balanced view.

At 24/10/10 1:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hone really is a fantastic MP"

Seriously, I'm just putting this post down to one of those where you claim to be playing devils advocate and your role is to raise controversy and debate because its one of the most fucking stupid, moronic and ill-informed comments I have every heard and I find it hard pressed to believe that anyone can find racial divisiveness and abuse of others based on their ethnicity an appealing character trait.

At 24/10/10 4:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heatley's changes to state housing is the compensation for the governments changes in the tax treatment of rental properties - nothing less than a sop to private landlords, who will see a large amount of tenants dumped onto the private rental market (of which there is already a huge shortage). As a concequence, rents will be pushed even further, and we will se the unfortunate sight of people paying 200-300 per week to live in garages - remember, the Rugby World Cup is next year.

As for the state housing stock being handed over to NGO's such as the Salvation Army (if you miss Sunday's service youll get kicked out), John Tamihere's mob, or even the Destiny Church (*shudder*) - that leave me cold. All sorts of conditions will be imposed on those tenants right down to what foods they should buy and whether their kids are attending school.

On the other hand, Minister Heatley might have inadvently handed over South Auckland to the Labour party in 2011. "Vote National, Lose your home".

Quite frankly, there are other ways to deal with the issues around state housing, such as moving to market rents when a tenant passes a threshold, or offering more assistance to those who want to buy their state houses.

People who like to bash state housing forget why it was set up in the first place, but as time wears on, the numbers of those who remember the slum like rental accomodation in Auckland during the 20's and 30's get less and less.


At 24/10/10 6:28 pm, Anonymous fatty said...

"Hone really is a fantastic MP"


Maybe its hard for you to comprehend why people like him, I know loads of people, many of which are Pakeha (like me) that realise how principled he is, we realise many think of him as the only powerful political voice for Maori.

If the Maori Party were all like him, I'd vote for them.

I don't want a Maori party that enjoys sucking Jonkey cock as they sign onto privatized prisons...they'll never get my vote.

If you know the history of New Zealand, what happened, how society is now controlled, how Maori culture is subjugated, etc.... and you also knew Hone's history of activism (WAC, etc) then you could at least entertain the idea of why Hone is a fantastic MP.

Or you could base you view on a Rodney Hides sound-bite....

You wanna talk about "racial divisiveness and abuse of others based on their ethnicity" FFS, thats been happening since the 19th Century and still occurs today, from Pakeha, against Maori, and you got the nerve to point the finger at Hone?... racial divisiveness and abuse will carry on long after Hone's gone, thanks to your kind of mentality

At 24/10/10 8:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much Creative NZ funding do you receive bomber?

At 24/10/10 9:18 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

I tried to watch the repeat of Q+A on TVNZ7....honestly. I saw Holmes introduce the Hobbit segement and thought straight away The Bill on UKTV was a far better proposition.
Why watch a wanker trying to prove hr's still a star and above the story, when you can watch a surveillance society in action

At 24/10/10 9:59 pm, Blogger flemhoof said...

as a state tenant, believe me, they already have the list.last year a two hour inquisition, made to read every income related rent form to them, long wait for the you have been warned phone call. they know everything.
first tax cut plus three dollars went as an ACC increase. now wait till eight mondays' two dollars extra, this cut, plus everything you put in your mouth, kids, car....
by change, were we offering cheeks?

At 26/10/10 11:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any comment on this Bomber?



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