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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murray McCully makes friends with torture states - you wanker Muzza!

Let me get this straight, on Monday, the head of Slitherin House, Murry McCully goes to set up a NZ-Indonesia 'friendly society', he does this right when footage of Indonesian soldiers torturing priests is released, he MUST have been aware of this, a letter was sent to his office to demand why he was forming this society when Government troops are torturing priests, yet his Office now claim, they never received the letter and they never briefed Murray.

What a load of bullshit. His office is fully aware of the footage, it's been in the international media for crying out loud and throughout the Australian newspapers, [and a You Tube clip of the torture from an Al Jazeera report has been in the sidebar of this blog since the start of the week —TS.] what the fuck are MFAT doing? Googling their own homes on Google map?

Scoop got the scoop on this, it is unbelievable that the mainstream media haven't picked this up yet.

Murray McCully has no comment on the footage or why we are setting up a friendly society with a Government that tortures.



At 21/10/10 5:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucking Murray.

Right kids, whats going on?
First there is a fucking big copper mine in (West) Papua region of Indonesia. It is operated by the Freeport-McMoRan Company, which is headquarted in Phoenix, Arizona.
This company has being paying the Indonesian military.

relevant links:
US mining giant still paying Indonesia military
Grasberg Mine - Wikipedia
The Price of Copper

But the fun doesn't end there.
When the Portuguese left in the 70's, there was fear that the 'Carnation Revolution' (ie the REDS) would set up an independant communist government in Timor. And let's not forget that the Timorese fought alongside Allied soldiers during WW2 when the Japanese were invading.
Any way, The US trained and supplied the Indonesian army to make sure that didn't happen. Australian and New Zealand journalists were killed. Peace Keepers were eventually sent, and eventually in 2002, East Timor became a sovereign nation.
However, when the Indonesian government claimed ownership of Timor, they renegotiated the Maritime border between Australis and Timor and moved it a few miles towards the Timor coast.


As you'll see the boundary just happens to put a modestly large oil field on the side of the Australians. Which is of course questionable, because that goes against UN 'rules', but was also not agreed to by the Timorese people.

And since then Australia has continued to claim billions of dollars in royalties from the well, and they all lived happily ever after.

At 21/10/10 7:02 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

Nice to see a bit of realism in foreign policy for a change.

I don't suppose you criticised Labour for pursuing an FTA with China, a country with an horrendous human and working rights record?

At 21/10/10 8:39 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

@ Johnson - I suspect you must have just landed from Mars - or you'd already be familiar with the huge amount of FTA criticism levelled at the Chinese record on Human RIghts abuses.
Is there a chance we could somehow arrange a meeting?
I have an old style soldering iron that could satisfactorally emulate the torture displayed in that clip.
I'd be happy to show you, Muzza and a few MFAT folk what is happening but I imagine they'd all go screaming home to mumma like the fucking wimps they are.
What the fuk is up these days!!!!
Is there no one left in MFAT, Min of Defense or anywhere else in officialdom that can't recall what abuse is actually like? or have they become SO fucking unprincipled that they need a reminder.

At 21/10/10 10:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is there no one left in MFAT, Min of Defense or anywhere else in officialdom that can't recall what abuse is actually like? or have they become SO fucking unprincipled that they need a reminder."

So what would you do about it? Invade the country and then install a democratically elected govnt while suppressing elements of the old regime. That scenario sounds familar?

What I don't get is that although these abuses are of course horrendous people who protesting about them actually think that such protests hold any moral value and make them a better person, that its a substitute for real action.

It's easy enough to go to the border of Burma and give out food and medical does anyone do that. Fuck that we can just blog in the pretense of caring in the comfort of our living room and then go to sleep knowing how superior we are to others.

Yay. At least the ignorant masses have an excuse for their inaction.

How is that for unprincipled?

At 23/10/10 9:47 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

And NOW.....they've admitted the torture, putting it down to "unprofessionalsim" and promising an "Investigation".

Well Muzza.......here's your opportunity. Keep em to it....or forever flop into the arms (and bosom) of that gal that promises a comfortable lifestyle and has a penchat for suits that look like they've been made out of grandma's old couch. She writes for the mainstram....and tries to be amusing. Plain Jane .....whereas this is more serious.
I won't hold my breath though. A dikhead is a dikhead is a dikhead


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