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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lesson to all drunk off duty cops - don't beat up the son of a detective

Officers who beat students fail to escape convictions
A police officer who beat up a group of students wanted to escape a conviction so he might one day apply to become a policeman in Queensland.

Patrick Garty, the drunk off duty Police Officer who beat up three teenagers on High st last year asked for the Judge to discharge him without conviction last week because he feared that a conviction would harm his ability to apply for a job in the Queensland Police force. Seeing as the Australian Police force are one of the most corrupt in the western world, an assault conviction may in fact be a pre-requisite for applying to the Queensland Police force.

What exactly did Patrick Garty expect? One of the teenagers he beat up is the son of a Detective! Let this be a lesson to all drunk off duty cops, only beat up teenagers who aren’t well connected.


At 12/10/10 12:04 pm, Anonymous Dex said...

That doesn't make any sense, if the Police are as corrupt as you claim, then having the son of a detective as a victim would just make it easier for them to deal with it all 'in house' and make the other victims go away.

As opposed to gaining lots of bad publicity and losing three cops.

At 12/10/10 10:10 pm, Blogger David said...

The post says the Queensland police were corrupt... it doesn't comment on corruption in the NZ police.


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