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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The John Key Lone Ranger smile and wave Dance review with support from the total eclipse of the caucus glee club.

The Sunday Star Times were removed from the National Party Christmas Card list for running a front page story last weekend quoting unnamed sources within the Government concerned that the party is turning into a one man band with John Key smiling and waving up front. Seeing as named sources like Bill English and Rodney Hide have already gone on record and said exactly the same thing suggests the Sunday Star Times is about 6 months behind a scoop, but the National Party should thank their lucky stars that the John Key Lone Ranger smile and wave Dance review takes the publics attention off National Party policy like denying rape victims ACC counseling, mining conservation land, expanding the 90- day right to sack law, National standards that fail public education while rewarding private education and let’s not forget saying GST wouldn’t rise before the election only to rise it after the election.

The total eclipse of the caucus glee club should be grateful the mainstream media are more focused on the Lone Ranger’s latest photo op rather than asking the hard questions they don’t want answered, their impatience to share the limelight is matched by my impatience to have them step into it. Note to all National Party MP’s John Key is taking all your attention, I double dare you to talk about your policy to privatize things post 2011 and stop John Key hogging the karaoke microphone.

It’s Murray McCully’s turn.


At 20/10/10 9:21 am, Anonymous steve said...

No. Its David Cunliffes turn ;)


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