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Friday, October 22, 2010

Here's how Crosby/Textor would write the Hobbit script

15 000 protesters just vanished, pretty nifty huh? Labour move to the left and the Unions put more protesters on the street than they ever have in almost 2 decades and they suddenly disappear because of the manufactured crises over the Hobbit.

Now while Russel Brown rightly points out the more feckless machinations of the Actors Union at the centre of this, even he acknowledges a 'swifty'...

Exactly what happened with respect to the boycott supposedly being lifted on Thursday, that's murky. The union claims to have agreed to the alert being rescinded, but consented to Warners' request to announce it itself. The producers insist the ban was never lifted. It may be that someone has pulled a swifty on the union here.

Nothing convinced me more that this is a manufactured crises than Peter Jacksons hysterical performance on Campbell Live last night, his constant personal attacks on Helen Kelly and the fear mongering he was driving (for a production that is still building sets and has the main Actors plane tickets booked) should earn him an Academy Award for best supporting Actor.

EVEN if The Hobbit is taken offshore, it certainly wasn't the bloody Actors who drove this crises, it's about the Tax rebate, it's always been about the tax rebate and this is classic strong arm tactics the like NZ simply has never seen.

Here's how Crosby/Textor would write this Hobbit script...

John Key comes riding in on his white horse and saves the day next week by giving Warner Bros exactly what they always wanted, a much higher tax rebate. Key basks in the glory of 'saving the Hobbit' while selling his 'deal maker' persona and slams Helen Kelly in one of the most obvious public muggings in recent political history and takes over the news agenda while alienating and splintering the Union movement.

Watching Robyn Malcolm being crucified and attacked at dinner Wednesday night (Police had to escort her out of Matterhorn)* for simply asking for the right to meet and discuss workers conditions is astonishing.

This manufactured crises to greenlight another corporate welfare bail out is political. The argument to increase the rebate could be made on economic reasons alone, but that's not what this Government want, they want a full character assassination of the Union.

John 'I saved the Hobbit' Key will be laughing at how easy this was.

*I've been informed by a mate present that this did not happen, and that Police did not escourt Robyn from the Matterhorn, until I hear otherwise, I have to take this mate at his word.


At 22/10/10 7:57 am, Anonymous MacDoctor said...

Funny how there wasn't a squeak out of Jackson or Warner bros until Actor's Equity boycotted the Hobbit BEFORE starting "negotiations". Yet it has all been an evil ploy by Warner to get more tax credits. Yeah right.

Bomber spin is certainly less believable than Crosby Textor.

At 22/10/10 8:11 am, Anonymous Carol said...

Yep. You've nailed it, Bomber. Team Jackson has really gone down a whole lot in my estimation. Warners & Key win by showing themselves to have taken a strong stand over unions.

The machinations and manipulations of the unions by a ruthless Hollywood studio and a PM who always aims to win, would make a gripping movie. I might go to watch it, unlike any future Jackson movies. I never liked the Jackson blockbusters anyway, but went to see them because I thought they were important to NZ. I have not been impressed by the unnecessary union-bashing by Team Jackson.

Who needs another Hollywood blockbuster, peddling Hollywood values, and produced using ruthless corporate manipulations and values, wherever it's made?

At 22/10/10 8:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greedy, greedy actors. Shot themselves in the foot and are now regretting it. I wouldn't invest $500 million on the promise of Robyn Malcolm not to interfere either.

At 22/10/10 8:57 am, Anonymous sdm said...

Answer the question, why build the sets if the intention was to move the thing offshore? Mate, the public are furious with the union movement this morning - look at the poll on the liberal Campbell live, 90% blame the unions.

If the tax breaks were the issue, you would sort it before you built the sets. This is about a union movement who are so caught up in ideology, they have to win even if it means job loss and economic loss. But Helen Kelly thinks a victory is more important than $500m investment.

Unionism just dug itself a deep deep hole. Blaming tax breaks is not going to fix it, when the facts are so obvious.

At 22/10/10 9:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Warners have just stated Helen Kelly was lying. Looking forward now to her obviously suing them for libel...yeah right.

At 22/10/10 10:28 am, Anonymous Gosman said...

Why isn't the Labour Party jumping behind Helen Kelly if she has done nothing wrong?

At 22/10/10 10:55 am, Anonymous M.S said...

Definitely agree with you Bomber 100% you saw this unravel before it exploded!

Corporate thuggery is the problem here not a union wanting to negotiate breaks and overtime payments etc.

Tax breaks is exactly what those pigs want, and to bash the unions is extremely cheap.
The reason they built the sets then pussied out is because Wellington is where they were going to film it all along and then they realised they could pull this stunt and get a higher tax break, its worked out marvellously to the discredit of Kelly. (god that woman is strong to put up with this nonsense)

If Warner pulled out over the union wanting to negotiate then that shows they are pathetic thugs. Money and greed is what fuels them, just like any corporate institution.
Campbell Live’s poll was a reflection of the bias one sided MSM bullshit we have to endure on a daily basis, uneducated, misled folks texting in their opinions after watching and reading a one sided debacle.

At 22/10/10 12:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really need to understand the background to this issue before making accusations about tax breaks. The MEAA and NZ Actors Equity have gone about things completely the wrong way, they've handled this very, very badly and have seriously jeopardised the future of the NZ film industry.

Peter, Fran and Philipa have done amazing things for this country and our film industry but sadly this looks about to be undone by the current industrial action.

SPADA's attempts to discuss issues with Equity:

1. SPADA initially offered to meet with NZ Actors' Equity in February 2009 to discuss the Code of Practice for the Engagement of Cast in the New Zealand Screen Production Industry dated 6 June 2005 (and more commonly known as the “Pink Book”).

2. Subsequently SPADA offered to meet on a non agenda basis to have an open discussion in good faith. However NZ Actors' Equity would only agree to meet to discuss an industry wide agreement containing conditions of employment no less favourable than those in Australia to be negotiated by the MEAA. This was unworkable, given SPADA, as subsequently confirmed by the Attorney General on 29 September 2010, could not legally enter into a union negotiated agreement.

3. On 01 October 2010, SPADA offered to meet with NZ Actors' Equity. Having had no acceptance of its offer, SPADA reiterated its offer to meet with NZ Actors' Equity, with some urgency on 12 October 2010.

4. SPADA met with representatives of NZ Actors' Equity on 14 October 2010, and the parties agreed they would enter a period of discussion and good faith negotiation on the Pink Book. Equity has contracted with SPADA that during this period Equity will not attempt to negotiate with or undertake any industrial action against individual productions or encourage or facilitate any of its affiliate bodies or members to do so.


At 22/10/10 12:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to put it out there. There is nothing wrong with wanting to negotiate breaks/overtime etc, this is great.
There is something wrong with the way they did it though.
Putting a ban over a movie that's already have a history of being delayed (The whole MGM drama), without any intention of having a meeting first or negotiate is inappropriate.

Peter has already been appointed as a director, whereever this movie going to go. He will still make money out of it. I think the fact that he still care for nz film industry (Boy, Sione Wedding, etc) is good.

Sure, we can start discussing about tax breaks this and that, and maybe now they do wanting lower tax breaks. The fact is none of this was in question before the ban. Everything has already been set in motion in normal mode. Sets, pre-prod, casting plan, etc.

Another thing is, those Wellington Film Technies are NOT un-educated or misled bunch. I know most of them, they are internationally well known people, who won vfx awards. Worked in many other countries. They follow lots of international/national news. They have been so keen to work on the Hobbit. They have seen the ugly side of the industry, the politics, the studios tactics, the greed etc elsewhere.

On the other side I also have actor friends, part of the guild. Which supported Peter action to support nz film industry.

*Good on you Bomber for crossing out that Matterhorn Police thing, because other mainstream media just wanting more dramas. I have heard that did not happen as well, also people were only interviewing them not attacking. Also, Simon Whipp (australian puppeter) was there and was the one questioned. None of this make it to the news media. Some of the people still scrambling for evidence for this. Cellphone videos, security videos etc.
Although, I can understand if they felt threatened because of the quantity of the people and the tensity of the situation.

Hope people can just sit down, talk calmly. Admitting mistakes, forgiving others without lawsuits. Avoid more dramas even though this is good money for the media. What has happened to the kiwi culture ?

my 0.2cents

At 22/10/10 1:00 pm, Blogger dave said...

90% online approval rating? Shows how dumbed down the kiwi hobbits are by Hollywood. NZ for them is a mythical place peopled by special effects throwbacks to gruesome monsters, civil wars, racism, the supernatural, etc all made real by the holy dollar. NZers are extras in US cultural imperialism. I prefer Starwars. Mind the deathstar.

At 22/10/10 1:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found this video of a cameraman asking Simon Whipp


No cops until they leave.
Bomber, your mate is telling the truth.

At 22/10/10 2:54 pm, Anonymous Hungry Bear said...

When the union hierarchy and green party luvvies are meeting at the Matterhorn - arguably NZ's flashiest restaurant - I think we can safely assume they stopped giving a fuck about the working class long ago.

PJ has done more for the NZ film industry and the NZ economy as a whole than any union or bunch of self righteous "artists" ever has, can or will.
I'll take his side over some silly halfwit who was a five minute extra as a village woman in one of the LOTR films any fucking day of the week.

At 22/10/10 3:06 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Right on the money Mr Bradbury. Same plot, same script - even the same actors!

Brownlee on last night's Close Up was using it as an excuse to break the unions and undermine workers by changing the labour laws. Jackson and Warner Bros were also using it as an excuse to get another subsidy/tax break off the govt. The winners are Hollywood profit margins, Peter Jackson Inc. and his head contractors - everyone else like the dopey NZ Hobbits - will be relatively worse off because this Tory govt. has taken sides with big business rather than play a straight bat.

At 22/10/10 5:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Questions about this fiasco.
Who loses?
Who benefits?

At 22/10/10 5:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious...about time people woke up from this fluffy left dream that's been rearing it's head recently.

Voting for Len is one thing, but now that poor old Paul has been kicked off breakfast (and with Pippa about to leave as well that show will suck...and we all know who to blame for that..PC Gone Maaad)

And to top it all the unions are in the mire and discredited.

The bounce back from Len's victory has been mercifully short.

Seriously, you may deride Optimist Prime, but he's in a different league from any other politician in the land...in the same way that Helen was before she crossed swords with him.

All we need now is the National Party's reponse to Goff's most recent prognostication...errrr...what about WTO obligations...errr what about CER obligations...what about all those things Goff has championed...errr promising things you can't deliver...and the deal will be complete.

The MSM will soon turn feral, we saw it with Guyon Espiner ripping into Goff.

At 22/10/10 6:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Matterhorn is NZs flashiest restaurant!

Hungry Bear needs to get out more.

At 22/10/10 7:10 pm, Anonymous Tims2 said...

EEE by gum. Peter Jackson, the Nationalist.
I'm sorry I can't feel sorry for him although I do recognise his contribution to "New Zild" socoity.

Along with that sully butch of an extra in that trilogy thing. She has js got so much respeck (on the basis that he deigned to talk to her).
I could have cpomposed an opera fro the vocal intonayshun.
I actually see now how we got a Neshnool led gubbermint.

Sorry folks, but when I go back a few decades and remember the Street of Devon, and the Stuarts and the Chris Shorts and all the others, ONE THING is bloody clear - SIR peter is comfortabe and a glorioua abd gorgeous philanthropissed.
No..Sorry mate but you've lost touch.
May your millions provide you with a soft landing in the form of a dollar laiden matterss.
For me - COMPLETE LOAD of kaka.

I think we actually need something SUSTAINABLE - NOT ego driven and SUSTAINED by way of a few fashionable farty populist productions that will last 6 months - then meet with the same cynicism we now see that meets the Trilogy.

At 22/10/10 7:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The War on Unions

At 22/10/10 11:39 pm, Anonymous godismaori said...

I reckon (ie., hope) Peter Jackson would have reacted better without the arrogant Australian strong-arm tactics, and before shooting.

And why involve people that talk like seagulls from an idiot country that is clearly NOT one of these islands take control OUR NEW ZEALAND situation?

Applying pressure to achieve better working standards is tantamount and fundamentaly righteous, but the actor union
let goons do their thinking and totally miscalculated the scale of this.

Saying that, I think actor working conditions will sort out. The Hobbit will stay here. I just hope the goons don't.

At 23/10/10 7:17 am, Anonymous Leigh said...

People are so easily manipulated, thats the scary thing to me. They have lost their minds because a MOVIE might not be made here & yet companies move offshore all the time for better deals & cheaper labour & good people lose their jobs & not a squeak... Peter Jacksons performance on Cambell was pathetic & his sicking the rabid public on to Helen atrocious. I hope all the union haters enjoy their Labour weekend & think about what the union movement has done for workers.

At 23/10/10 10:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How's that leftward seachange feeling now, Bomber?

At 23/10/10 3:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I hope all the union haters enjoy their Labour weekend & think about what the union movement has done for workers."

Loss of 2500 jobs and about $2 billion of economic value the the relocation of the film industry off-shore.

Lets hope the remember on election day.

At 23/10/10 6:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And why involve people that talk like seagulls from an idiot country that is clearly NOT one of these islands take control OUR NEW ZEALAND situation?"

Well in fact the NZ Actors Equity joined with the MEAA so that means we've lost our autonomy as a country as far as actors are concerned. Simon Whipp has already managed to derail the Australian film industry and his whole intention in this situation was to derail the NZ industry in the hope more people might film back in Oz.
Nothing to do with Peter and Fran, nothing to do with tax breaks, nothing to do with the Hobbit other than it was an easy target.
Get your background facts together people.
SIR Peter (and I know Bomber hates that title), Fran and Philipa have done more for the film industry here than anybody else in our history.
And the sad fact is that this 'industrial' action by a few idiots who didn't even have the sanction of the union MEMBERS, has jeopardised not only The Hobbit, but every other film production intended for New Zealand. Big claps guys.


At 24/10/10 6:45 am, Anonymous Leigh said...

"Loss of 2500 jobs and about $2 billion of economic value the the relocation of the film industry off-shore".

Other industries hv moved offshore & kiwis lost jobs, where was your outrage then? Is it fair for NZ's labour laws to be changed for all workers not just film workers on Warner Bros say so?

Plus yr precioussssss movie will be made here, I betcha... the studio just want to make sure they can make even more money & hell breaking unions is always fun ... & if it isnt its because the studio got a better deal elsewhere.

Personally Im glad Im not one of the easily duped, still it is hard to live surrounded by all the constantly outraged idiots lately... No offense... & enjoy yr Labour weekend, hard fought for us all by the union movement!


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