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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Dear TVNZ - sack Paul Henry

What does Paul Henry have to do to get sacked by you? Burn the NZ flag? Strangle a native wood pigeon live on air or spit on Neil Finn?

Your initial defence was gobsmacking, 'Paul says what people are quietly thinking?' What people? Bango twanging rednecks who think the Governor General can only be a real NZer if they are white?

You are the Public Broadcaster for God's sake, not Fox News.

What other minority can Paul Henry offend? Paralysed Cancer patients, AIDS Orphans, blind people who lose their guide dogs?

This ignorant vomit has been allowed because TVNZ treat your viewers as consumers and not citizens which leaves you an intellectual blind-spot to criticism when you ignore your fourth estate responsibilities to democracy. Remember last year when you defended your use of Bill English in a TVNZ7 debate on the economy which effectively came across like a party political broadcast? Your defence for that was you didn't have to be balanced outside the 6 week election cycle!?!

If you read the Paul Henry supporters comments, all one can hear above the feral, redneck snarling dog of unchained ignorance are the screams of ‘PC madness gone mad’. Whether we like it or not, Paul Henry is very popular amongst talk hate radio listening, Kiwiblog reading, cross burners. Sadly those angry beige right wingers want their news reflected to them by an oompa loompa of hate, and that’s why you haven't sacked Paul Henry, much to our National embarrassment.

John Key has systematically and quietly dumped all the interviews he used to do. bFM, RDU, KiwiFM have all been dumped as regular weekly interviews so John Key's appearance on Breakfast TV with Paul Henry is one of the few times the Prime Minister actually gets interviewed (and I use that word as broadly as possible as this former National Party candidate gives cuddles and pashes rather than hold Key to account for those weakest members of society who have no voice - which is the function of public broadcasting). And what do we get from these rapidly receding public interviews? Racist brainfarts.

Dear TVNZ, this simply isn't good enough - Sack Paul Henry. Sack him now.


At 9/10/10 12:25 pm, Anonymous Vermin Deathstack said...

Paul Henry - the New Zealand equivalent of Steve Irwin. Extremely embarrassing and barely tolerable even in very small doses. Cut from the same cloth as John Banks and Michael Laws. Maybe they should team up and do something together – be afraid, be very afraid.

At 9/10/10 12:33 pm, Blogger Altima Weapon said...

One of the most hideous performances I have seen is the childish display, supposing to claim professional media attributes, named Paul Henry on his morning breakfast show the Dikxit sage! I admit we all make mistakes and when we become aware, we correct it and carry on. In the Dikxit video clip I was appalled to see what was an honest mistake turned into a freak side show after rigorous attempts to caution Paul to silence, he decides not to heed instead contempt racist slur, radical slander, and bust out into uncontrollable fits of laughter over his mindless, tactless, tasteless, and own stupidity. His deliberate pronunciation was I assume for the purpose of his Paul Henry Fan Club members, who are too blinded, have no brains to see his comments were inappropriate. He makes childish jokes and fun out of the disabled, weak and defenceless. Paul Henry is a very dangerous man. TVNZ holds our Nation to random! Because of one man, Paul’s outrages behaviour has caused a division his actions have gone far beyond the call of reproach. He should have been fired immediately. But because TVNZ hasn’t got the balls to do their job properly, they allow this bigot vile man a holiday. Being sacked is the only alternative to bring back security stability of sensible viewing for the rest of NZ.

At 9/10/10 12:44 pm, Anonymous Sancho said...

Nah, TVNZ, don't sack him. We'll forget about it soon enough. Even my 2 year old knows to stop whingeing when he doesn't get his way.
Remember, Adults run the household.
Whingeing cry baby kids don't.

At 9/10/10 2:37 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

Fuk that Pippa's gorgeous isn't she! Just a regular gal struggling in the mornings having to put up with that Paul Henry - you know...that guy "we all love dearly" but don't happen to agree with. Shame TVNZ allows the guy to be such a motor mouth that the Pippas and Williams and others don't get the chance to say so. Oh fuk...I forgot...TVNZ is still busy building a "super Star" that they feel they can;t possibly comment.
It's time TVNZ either sacked the guy, OR had him do the entire Breakfast show by himself.
How to destroy a journalist's credibility in one easy step....work with Paul Henry on Breakfast. So far, I haven't actually EVER heard one of his colleagues actually say "Paul I think you are out of line". They prefer to take the John finger-in-the-air-to-test-which-way-the-wind-is-blowing Key approach.
Not that ANY OF IT is appropriate for a "public service broadcaster" anyway.
At the moment, I think perhaps only Greg Boyd has escaped the taint...and probably only by way of te constraints imposed by rosters. Grow some fucking balls guys!

At 9/10/10 2:41 pm, Blogger The Cash Flow Doctor said...

Dear Bomber

I agree that if TVNZ's response to the debacle that is Paul Henry wasn't so serious it would be funny.

Living in the Wairarapa electorate (which now incorporates what was traditionally one of the safest National seats in the country) when he stood for parliament I can never forget that Keith Holyoke’s old seat was lost by a National Party candidate to Georgina Beyer – the worlds first openly transsexual parliamentarian. Perhaps this speaks volumes for this plonkers true popularity.

To be told by TVNZ that I agree with what is regurgitated by Paul Henry is embarrassing.

That John Key tried to laugh off his latest comments proves to me just how wishy washy our Prime Minister really is.

Paul Bailey

At 9/10/10 4:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Henry - seems that everyone these days is so serious about everything and I seen the news and how many times the media has posted the video clips with what was said. Not once but repeatidly throughout the day and day after day...you have to wonder. There used to be a time when people didn't get all out of shape about things and then come the 'oh you can even swear on TV' these days and nothing is done about that which I think is offensive in many instances.
So after the Paul Henry thing comes the news about the Indian politican being dragged off because he got caught trying to stack votes in an election. So now are we to expect an apology from India for him?
Personally I am all for Paul Henry at least he says what is on his mind be it good or bad. Our politians lie to us and get away with it..and how about this one. I work in the call centre industry and can I tell you how frustrating it is trying to understanding Indian people. For goodness sakes if you don't want to watch or listen to Paul Henry then don't. A lot of people I know now won't watch the show now and I agree with them. At least he says what is on his mind and no matter what happens there will always be people who will disagree with anything just because they can. You have to ask what the hell is the matter with New Zealanders lately we are becoming a Nation of moaners and nit pickers...

At 9/10/10 5:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Paul Henry. Firstly I enjoyed his show and without him there even after the debacle the show apart from Pipa isn't worth watching. My view is at least he said what was on his mind. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves more instead hell not us lets blow it all out of proportion and then I see a news item where an Indian woman is being interviewed demanding an apology for Paul's comments. Perhaps that young woman may want to apologise for her Indian representitive the Politican that decided he would ridge the voting in his area of NZ. Actually you know what perhaps everyone ought to just quit being a nation on moaners and whinners.
I work where I deal with a number of Indian and Asian people taking calls for a call centre it is so frustrating trying to get information...perhaps our country needs to have these people speak our language as part of being residential. Then on the off hand NZ so of the major Company's take their call centre business off shore.
Anyway I am all for Paul Henry no matter what.

At 9/10/10 5:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Paul Henry' .... get over yourselves people especially the ones who are riding the wave of 'look he messed up'...if you don't like him don't watch it is that simple. He had the balls to make some remarks and most of you would of done it too given half the chance. NZ people have become a nation of whinners and can't wait until someone messes up in the public arena. Small minded people with nothing better to do. Our PM and other politians constantly lye to us but oh are they taken to task...ah nope.
I think it is funny as hell actually (oh have I upset someone). Where the hell is the Kiwi sense of humour? The more everyone goes on about the more it is kept alive. You know what l think is funny is that Paul Henry's news was followed by the Indian politican up north getting snapped for trying to rig his electrol roll.....so is India going to apologise to NZ for him?
OR how about the big league Companies who have their call centre's off shore.....in India. So what is happening to our nation?
People in Wellington Call Centre laid off in favour of off shore call centre.....very good.
I work in a call centre and deal with a lot of Indian and Asian people on a daily basis with poor English skills....but that is fine isn't it. Let me say how frustrating it is when you need infomation from these people and while your trying to get they are so rude to you because we don't understand them.....Hello!! this is an English speaking country!
So as far as l am concerned l am all for Paul Henry and because he is not on the show anymore there is a lot of support for him still.
So NZ grow some balls quit moaning about the small stuff and do something better with the breath you have left instead.

At 9/10/10 5:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"if you don't like him don't watch it is that simple"

It actually seems beyond the ability of most PH haters to switch off the TV. I guess they have nothing else in their lives to do. Sad.

At 9/10/10 5:54 pm, Blogger Altima Weapon said...

Anonymous you are obvious in the wrong job, get out of there quickly. They need an Indian to take your place. Take your Paul Henry and shove it.We don't want you or him here.

At 9/10/10 10:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous (is it Garth?), how would you like to come round for tea to my house. You could sit down with a nice drink, watching some Breakfast clips that I've recorded on My Sky and while I am chatting & cooking some food for us, I could smash a fuckin wok over your head (apologies Raybon).
You ain't nothin but a stone cold rascist.


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