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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Green wins Wellington Mayoralty on specials

A remarkable result for the Greens and for Wellington. I wonder how the STV ranking system worked in this situation. On appearances alone Celia Wade-Brown speaks and looks exactly like Kerry Prendergast. I note that the voter turnout of 40% was static - compared with Auckland's lift to 50% in response to the forced amalgamation.
This is a considerable victory for the Greens - I can't recall any Green candidate winning a mayoralty let alone one of a major city [TV3: Sukhi Turner, Dunedin Mayor was a Green]. The Feijoa wine will be flowing tonight!

UPDATE | 5:30PM: The iterations via DPF:


At 13/10/10 2:51 pm, Blogger Pete said...

Sukhi Turner was an Alliance/Green Party mayor of Dunedin 1995-2004.

At 13/10/10 6:22 pm, Anonymous Tim2 said...

Oh how un-dumbacratiuck (as Kerry was complaining). YET look at DPF's results point 2. If it had been 28% Kurry and 13% Celia, Kurry wouldn't be bleating so heavily about the un Dumbacratuckniss of STV.
I don't happen to find the system that great (having sampled several Australian elections) - far preferable to FPP but not as good as MMP (with a few tweaks)
Please allow me thus oppatunety to pass on condolences to the soshul criming wankeress of her loss, but at least she can get back to playing dress-ups.

At 13/10/10 10:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! I made damn sure I ranked KP at the bottom, even below that kooky guy who compared developing nations to prostitutes.

At 14/10/10 10:41 am, Anonymous Hungry Bear said...

Does this mean you'll start to consider STV over MMP Bomber?


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