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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another decade of corrupt elections in Afghanistan (will John Key rotate SAS with Actors Union?)

So, what exactly are we all doing in Afghanistan again brothers and sisters? Other than hand over civilians to documented torture units within the Afghan army, wasn’t we all up in their grill for that democracy and freedom thing? I ask because last week an investigation found that almost a quarter of all votes cast in the latest corrupt Afghan elections were all fraudulent and that news came out at the same time the Australian Prime Minister told her country that Australia was looking at another 10 years in Afghanistan.

Whanau, if the Australians are there for another decade, you know we are, so shouldn’t we ask why we are there again and exactly what the hell is it that we are doing because call me crazy brothers and sisters, but isn’t none ending war with no actual moral or ethical mandate, how do I put this without alarming the BSA – EVIL.

Isn’t none-ending war with no moral or ethical mandate evil brothers and sisters? Shouldn’t we stop bombing these people back into the stone age and quit occupying their land before John Key replaces the SAS with his secret weapon of mass destruction, the Actors Unions.

John Key's mantra of 'give war a chance' still remains the only justification for our continued occupation of Afghanistan, a war we are never going to win.


At 26/10/10 2:13 pm, Anonymous JonL said...

Yep - the Govmint of OZ unilaterally declared we're staying there forever, when polls show around 70% of the population reckon they shouldn't have been there in the first place and the troops should come home!
Do these pricks even comprehend the idea of studying the history of the area and having at least a working knowledge of Islam, before they make these "where the USA goes, we go" declarations......

At 26/10/10 8:27 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...


China's winning the battle for contol of pipelineistan without
firing a bullet while America bankrupts itself with never ending war. All of our leaders need to be institutionalised!


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