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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why ACT are a party of hypocrites

This fringe political party with barely 3% support has been allowed by John Key to dictate policy direction to the rest of the country and it is time it stopped; denying Maori representation on the Auckland Super City; extending the 90 day right to sack to every worker in NZ; annexing Auckland under a misuse of urgency and creating CCO's without the consultation promised; 3 strikes raw meat law and order policy and the dismantling of student unions as a patsy to Roger Douglas so he would shut up about flat tax (a pointless endeavor as we all know Roger will never shut up about flat tax).

Let's count the way that this supposed party of principle are really a pack of hypocrites...

The Gang Patch
Here's what Rodney first said...
At its first reading in April, Mr Hide told Parliament he would happily vote against the bill because it was against the principles of freedom. "Freedom is about the individual, and the measure of a free society is how we move to protect the minority from the majority. If the majority thinks that people wearing glasses should be locked up, that is not freedom or democracy," he said.
...and then after he got into bed with the Sensible Sentencing Trust, he voted for the pointless and civil liberty eroding gang patch.

Perk busting
After railing against 'perk busting', Rodney then goes onto use the exact same perk he has attacked others with a trip around the world with his girlfriend. "I will do anything for love, but I won't pay my girlfriends fare" was in total contradiction to his previous stance. Weddings, Theme parks, plush hotels, tropical resorts - did he want to start holding Cabinet meetings at Disneyland? I don't begrudge politicians taking their spouses on trips, I don't begrudge the little perks they get from the tireless and long hours they put into the job, but to attack a perk for almost a decade and then use it the second you get into power is jaw dropping.

Clean slate legislation
It is extraordinary that ACT who have raged against clean slate legislation are now demanding it fro Garrett to wipe clean his criminal past, here's what they had to say on the clean slate legislation...
ACT sees it as essential to approach any of these criminal justice matters from a background of principle. We stand, for a start, for transparent justice, open courts, open sentencing, and open access by New Zealanders to the knowledge of whether sentences are served.
...what a load of bullshit, how quickly their principle evaporates when it's their mr tough on crime law and order mate who is in the firing line.

This is hilarious, here's what ACT said about suppression...
We stand against name suppression. Name suppression after conviction is an interference with the right of a free press, it is an interference with the right of people to know that their justice system is working, and it is bad for the justice system. We stand against secret courts.
...yes, they 'stand' against secret courts, except when it's their mate who they are keeping secret.

Bullying Heather Roy
Rodney couldn't support a woman when he was in dancing with the stars, Heather Roy couldn't support him when he was prancing in bars, for the leader of a 'liberal' party to bully their only female member of caucus showed up a bizarre double standard and Rodney refusing to explain why he had sacked a Minister was extraordinary coming from the Political Party that crowed so often about transparency.

3 strikes
The irony of David Garrett's criminal past is that the 3 strikes law Garrett promoted removed discretion from Judges to rule in the exact sort of assault conviction Garrett was found guilty of!!!

ACT are intellectually bankrupt with no moral high ground left and their continued influence over major policy decisions is something voters should punish National for. John Key allowing a fringe party of hypocrites to wag the dog isn't leadership, it's negligent political vandalism!

I wonder how the good people of Epsom feel allowing this farce into Parliament?

ACT go bye bye now.


At 16/9/10 11:18 am, Anonymous Pim said...

I could not believe Rodney Hide yesterday trying to defend his party in Close Up. When does the introspection kick in and a sense of conscience make 'em run for the hills with their tails between their legs? Goes to show there is no morals in the trade of politics. & where is a strong PM sorting this BS out? I miss Helen.

At 16/9/10 12:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got to admit Bomber that this hypocritical farce is bloody entertaining. I can't stop laughing! Be thankful that it's not an ACT MP whose in charge of our newly created dictatorship!

At 16/9/10 1:02 pm, Anonymous JonL said...

All very well ranting in a blog - how do you get this out into the wider community, particularly his electorate!

At 16/9/10 1:08 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Well JonL, I've got a TV show going to air tonight at 7pm discussing it, I will then be on TVNZ's Q+A 9am Sunday morning talking about it, I will then be on Radio NZ's The Panel at 4pm on Monday talking about it and I will round it all up again on my second TV show on Sky 89 on Tuesday 10.30pm.

I'm doing all I can here.

At 16/9/10 2:47 pm, Anonymous anfield1973 said...

where was whale oil to bust Garrett's name suppression order?

At 16/9/10 4:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Martyn, nobody cares what you think. Go back to la la land you irrelevant fat fuck

At 16/9/10 5:31 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

But Martyn, nobody cares what you think. Go back to la la land you irrelevant fat fuck

GRIN - now now, Anon, I accept it's been a hard day for ACT, but getting nasty and personal with me isn't going to help, obviously someone does care what I think as I am on q+a on Sunday morning at 9am and I'm on Radio NZ on Monday 4pm, they both seem to care about what I think.

At 16/9/10 6:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did David Garrett murder Ernie Abbott?

Trades Hall bombing March 27 1984. UNSOLVED.

At 16/9/10 7:57 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

This is a crushing blow for me. When I can no longer trust the rich white guys to be more honest than the cliterati who spent a decade with their boots on our throats you have to wonder what the hell is going on.

At 16/9/10 7:58 pm, Anonymous James said...

Garrett does't really care a fuck about this BS.He got three strikes through and that was his goal.The lefts voter base will be inside doing a good long strech and thats all that matters.Garrett can retire from politics and go make some real money as a lawyer and ACT will get back in in 2011 and its business as usual.

Kiwis have short memories and can't care about this beatup shit...indeed it usually starts rebounding on the vultures as sympathy for the underdog kicks in.

When Keith Locke is vilified for jerking off to Annette Sykes crowing in orgasum about her joy at the deaths of 2000 + on 9/11 I'll be interested in what the Left have to say re Garrett.

At 17/9/10 12:19 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

your photoshop people are slipping Bomber, with your picture thing with Rodney and John and Monkey, well with me I would black out the background of the Monkey and make it seamless,
the way you present it is crass,
and it doesn't work

At 17/9/10 12:23 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

"your photoshop people are slipping Bomber"
Thank god there is someone who understands the issues!


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