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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vote for John Banks if you want National to win a second term

Boag in gun over campaign emails
Former National Party president Michelle Boag is facing fresh conflict of interest claims after she solicited money and votes for John Banks' mayoral campaign in emails bearing Super City recruitment contractor Momentum's letterhead.

In one email seen by the Herald, Ms Boag, a management, public relations and communications consultant for Momentum, asked the recipient in an email bearing the company's logo to let her know if they wanted to contribute to Mr Banks' campaign.

In another email also bearing Momentum livery and under the heading "John Banks for Mayor", Ms Boag says she wants "a more experienced Mayor for the first Super City which will also help the National Party to another term in central government".

Well that's nice of Michelle to be so open about a John Banks win helping National win a second term, that's right the Government who have annexed Auckland and have stacked the CCO's that will run 75% of Auckland's assets need John Banks to win to enable them to privatize Auckland.

It's also nice to see that Momentum who of course hired fantasist Wilce into a top military science position and is also hiring people into the Super City.

How does that 'choice' feel NZ? Still perky? Aucklanders, National and ACT (that party of hypocrisy) stole your city off you, and now they are attempting to plant their man to complete their privatization agenda, postal ballots are with yoy now.


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