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Monday, September 13, 2010

Super City recruiters are the same who recruited Defense Department Scammer

Super City recruiter challenged after defence scandal
The failure of recruiting agency Momentum Consulting to pick up discrepancies in Stephen Wilce's employment record raises questions about its work in hiring key Auckland Super City executives, say Labour and the Public Service Association union. Mr Wilce resigned as New Zealand's top defence scientist last week after TV3's 60 Minutes reported allegations that he falsified details of his professional and sporting careers.

Ummmmmmm - let's get this straight. Momentum Consulting stacked with National Party flunkies like former National Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley as a board member and former National Party president Michelle Boag as a senior executive is appointing for the Auckland Super City after also being involved in recruiting fantasist Stephen Wilce. WTF? Why should Momentum Consulting be allowed anywhere near recruitment for NZ ever again? Their incompetence over Wilce should rule them out appointing anyone important in NZ Government.

Who will we have running our Super City? People who think God talks to them? Bob-sledding Olympic champions? People convinced they have been abducted by aliens? Rodney Hide assures us all his mates he's appointed to the Super City are referenced checked, but Rodney Hide assured us that we would all get to have a say in those appointments, so the assurances of a fringe politician with barely 3% of the popular vote who oversaw the annexation of Auckland under a misuse of urgency mean very little.

Momentum Consulting is a cosy little world of National Party mates each endlessly scratching each others backs at our expense.

Meanwhile, the Politicians are circling on our clowns at the SIS who couldn't do the most basic CV checks on Wilce yet could spend so much time spying on Keith Locke as a child and could spend so much time spying on the sex lives of Green Party members.

MPs want answers from spy agency

I hope the SIS get a good hard kicking.


At 13/9/10 9:25 am, Blogger pollywog said...

Seen 'smile and wave' on 'breakfast' this morning.

He reminded me of a wing, who on recieving the pass quickly flips the ball off to the linesman thinking he's one of his teammates...

...only chipmunki henry wasn't going to let him off so lightly today.

UH NO JOHN...the buck actually really does stop with you eh. MAN UP and sort your shit out !!!

At 13/9/10 6:29 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

I checked out your link national party research member to Mallard and your claim that because Boag stood aside during the appointments is so weak its not worth publishing. The point is Momentum appointed Wilce, and are they using the same level of incompetence now with the Super City.

Your spin needs to be better than this and your goad over the lack of research was faint at best. Lift your game.

At 13/9/10 8:48 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

PS: National Party Research, I'm flattered that I concern you enough to be getting such attention, especially over my MA. Nice to know you are rattled. The point remains, is Momentum, stacked with National Party flunkies, still using the slack systems with Super City appointments that allowed Wilce in.

You need to do a much better job of covering Momentum's arse than this NPR.


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