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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Southern 'Jake the Muss' sets high standard for grits

When I saw Kentucky, Trailer Home and Sheriff in one sentence I never figured it would end up being a story about cuisine appreciation.Presumably he shot the others so they didn't have to endure the meal.

Eat your heart out Gordon Ramsay - that's how you deal with poor chefing - kill the chef.. and all the diners... and yourself. Shit, if he was a Michelin assessor he may have massacred the whole trailer park. Now I feel like a real whimp for only telling them to take it back if they have put coriander in it. I should have just killed everyone in the restaurant - that's what a real connoisseur would have done.

UPDATE | 4pm: Looks like it was closer to the Jake the Muss scenario than I thought when I wrote the headline.
And much closer to the Michelin scenario. What is it with wife-bashers and the cooking of eggs?


At 12/9/10 9:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you hate coriander? Its easily the best herb imo.

At 12/9/10 10:43 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Don't get me started on that. It is my life goal to prove that it is a carcinogen. Can't stand the smell, the taste is even worse. It is a metallic taste and that means it is poisonous. It is the only herb or spice that I don't like (although fennel is a bit iffy too) and there must be a rational reason for it which will be because it is a toxic condiment and one day the truth of it will come out.

At 13/9/10 8:10 am, Blogger snigie said...

Coriander is the devils herb, it deserves nothing but hate! I hate the stuff!


At 13/9/10 1:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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