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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Questions the mainstream media should ask about Garrett's assault conviction

Hmmmmm, you know what I would love? If the mainstream media asked some questions about that assault conviction in Tonga, perhaps they need to ask some questions like why was David assaulted by that nice Dr? What had Garrett done to the Dr's wife for the Dr to punch David? Come on mainstream media, the Dr's name is Dr Mapa Puloka, he was the head of psychiatry at the local hospital, surely one of you could call him up and get his side of the story as to what David did to provoke Dr Mapa Puloka to hit him.

It's been described as an 'altercation over the Dr's wife'.

What exactly did mr tough on crime David Garrett do?

And as for David's confession yesterday in Parliament, he says he got the idea of stealing a dead baby's identity to get a false passport from the book, 'Day of the Jackal'.

I'm shocked. I had no idea David Garrett could read.


At 16/9/10 11:03 am, Anonymous Simon said...

Prank? This is a man in his 20's. Don't know about you but I was working in my 20's with not too much time for felonious "pranks". I reckon he was planning to work a scam that he lost his bottle for. This man is another dodgy customer and needs to go. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone from now on eh?

At 16/9/10 12:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL Labour have been very quiet on this. I suspect after the expenses revelation they learned their lesson about demanding answer from others when their own house was not properly in order.

I'd like to see ALL parties 'fess up to every conviction their MP's have had in the past.

At 16/9/10 1:33 pm, Blogger Nick said...

pardon my pedantic nature, but shouldn't the first question be "did you provoke the Doctor?" THEN followed with "what did you do...". That would only be fair. Unless of course one has already spoken to the Doctor and he said Garret provoked him, in which case you start with "Puloka says you provoked him, what did you do?". But then that gives away that that you've spoken to Puloka, which means most likely a confession from Garret. Better to play dumb and ask with a wink "did you provoke him?". Garret would most likely give a non answer, at which point you whack him with the allegation from Puloka. Watch him squirm then...

Crikey thats a long ramble innit? FWIW Garret is a tosser - he should resign.

At 16/9/10 1:43 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

So true Anon this is clearly a story about Labour...Oh look there's another straw, quick grasp now!

At 16/9/10 7:41 pm, Anonymous Alma Rae said...

If Anon hasn't heard the noise Goff has been making about this s/he is deaf.

At 16/9/10 7:44 pm, Anonymous Alma said...

BUT... I agree with Anon that it would be great to see all MPs fessing up to their convictions. Reckon the Speaker should get on to it stat - would make great viewing.


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