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Monday, September 06, 2010

Police gain chilling new DNA powers - you can take my DNA from my dead cold hands

New DNA powers for police in force
Police can now collect DNA at the same time they take fingerprints from people they intend to charge and match it against profiles from unsolved crimes, Justice Minister Simon Power says.

Previously they could only take DNA samples after conviction but that was changed by the Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Amendment Act, which was passed by Parliament in October last year and came into force today.

The new powers in the Act are being implemented in two stages, and today's measures are stage one.

Doh! I thought that 'change' so many mindlessly voted for last election would be positive change, I see it is now actually negative change. The Police gained chilling new powers to take your DNA today, here's how it will play out, cop man wants your DNA, you say no, they will concoct some bullshit reason to arrest you, they then force the DNA sample from you.

Nice one NZ.

Here's my beef, I have no problem with a person who has been convicted of a serious crime losing their right to keep their DNA off the Police register, but with this new power, you don't even have to be convicted to empower the Police to take your DNA - it is a vast erosion of our civil liberties with zero debate. How on earth can we trust the Police with our DNA when they have had numerous cases of Police misusing the Police data base as it is?

The Police won't need to ask a Judge to take your DNA, they will just gain this power on the street as a right of arrest now. And this was rammed through under urgency.

My advice is to fight giving the Police your DNA at any time, to the point that they are forced to tie you down and take it. Resist this power at all costs, not violently, simply inform the Police you will not voluntarily hand over your DNA, make the buggers have to become the animal to win and tell them they are doing a great job of protecting society from an invasive all seeing state.

Flag that last bit, cops aren't bright enough to detect sarcasm.

The Maori Party have warned that Maori will fight back, and we should follow their example...

Young men 'will fight back' against police, says Maori party
The Maori Party is warning young Maori will fight back against police trying to take a DNA swab.

...this legislation contravenes our UN obligations to not mistreat people in custody and any case here could be challenged by the UN. That's media attention the Government wouldn't want.

Here is the list of offences that now allows the Police the excuse to remove by force your DNA…

List of offences which replaces "indictable offence" in previous version;
Part 3
Offences Provision of Act
Animal Welfare Act 1999
Wilful ill-treatment of animals ... Read more
section 28
Arms Act 1983
Carrying or possession of firearms, airguns, pistols, restricted weapons, or explosives, except for lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose
section 45
Unlawful possession of pistol or restricted weapon section 50
Unlawful carriage or possession in public place of firearm, airgun, pistol, ammunition, explosive, or restricted weapon
section 54(2)
Carrying firearm, airgun, pistol, imitation firearm, restricted weapon, ammunition, or explosive with criminal intent section 55
Crimes Act 1961
Indecent act in public place
section 125
Indecent act with intent to insult or offend
section 126
Aggravated assault
section 192
Assault with intent to injure
section 193
Male assaults female
section 194(b)
Cruelty to a child
section 195
section 197
Possession of offensive weapons or disabling substances
section 202A
Assault with weapon
section 202C
Receiving (if the value of the property does not exceed $1,000)
section 246
Threatening acts
section 308
Land Transport Act 1998
Contravention of section 7 or section 22
involving injury or death
section 36
Person in charge of motor vehicle causing injury or death
section 61
Summary Offences Act 1981
Peeping or peering into dwellinghouse

See how these new expansion of what the Police can take your DNA for is so much wider than has been pretended?

If you are convicted of a serious crime, you should be forced to hand over your DNA, but to hand over your DNA on mere arrest, ON MERE SUSPICION? The Attorney-General criticized the Governments position on this, yet they rammed this massive erosion of civil liberties through under a misuse of urgency without any select committee oversight or public submissions.

If the Police were prepared to use Nazi tactics to gain DNA when they didn't have the power to compel, what sort of Nazi tactics will they use now they can compel?

The Police can take my DNA from my cold dead hands.


At 6/9/10 6:21 pm, Anonymous Tess said...

Makes sense to me, given that they have to destroy it if there is insufficent evidence for a conviction.

There would seem little point in say arresting someone for rape, having them plead not guilty, go through a 5 week trial, millions of dollars spent and then only upon conviction be able to seize the DNA that would have prevented the need to go to trial by proving without doubt that they were or were not the rapist.

At 6/9/10 6:37 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Using that logic, why bother with the trial at all Tess? The myth that the Police destroy the sample as a safeguard shouldn't be swallowed. The DNA sample certainly is destroyed, but the DNA is recorded until you provide a new sample. That's why they can predict the swell in the databank, they aren't dumping any of those recorded samples at all.

New DNA will swell databank
Increased DNA testing of crime suspects is likely to double the size of the national databank in the next five years. The expansion stems from a Government plan allowing police to take compulsory samples from anyone they intend to charge with a wide range of offences. Details and cost estimates remain vague but the Weekend Herald has learned that in its first year the law change is expected to add a further 25,000-27,000 DNA profiles to the national databank, which is held by Environmental Science and Research on behalf of the police. Even allowing for a gradual drop-off in numbers as police catch repeat offenders, the databank is likely to at least double within five years from 90,000 to 180,000 profiles - about 4 per cent of all New Zealanders.

If the Police were prepared to use Nazi tactics to gain DNA when they didn't have the power to compel, what sort of Nazi tactics will they use now they can compel?

At 8/9/10 7:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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