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Monday, September 13, 2010

Police Double Standards

Police double standards claim
A former police employee sacked for accessing the police computer has denounced the organisation for double standards, saying he cannot believe a senior officer caught doing the same thing has been promoted.

Palmerston North's Maurice Walker was sacked by police last year after a neighbour who had asked him to look up her details on the computer later complained to police when the pair fell out.

Mr Walker said that, after he was dismissed, he took the case to the Employment Relations Authority. Police eventually paid him a confidential settlement and agreed to say he had resigned voluntarily.

He approached The Dominion Post after it was revealed that police promoted former senior sergeant Dave Archibald to head the Police College investigations and intelligence school four years after he was caught inappropriately accessing the National Intelligence Application.

It's hilarious isn't it? Police Staffer stupidly looks up a 'mates' details to see if her offending is still on record as she applies for a job, the woman then falls out with the Police staffer and dobs him into the Police for accessing the information in the first place and he loses his job. Now the lesson for the Police Staffer was don't trust vindictive women who turn on you and don't access information you have no right to, but compare that case which led to his sacking to senior sergeant Dave Archibald who after illegally accessing the computer files to help out fellow Police Officer and pack rapist Brad Shipton WAS THEN PROMOTED TO HEAD THE POLICE COLLEGE INVESTIGATIONS AND INTELLIGENCE SCHOOL?????

What is the employment policy at the Police College investigations and intelligence school? Set a thief to catch a thief?


At 13/9/10 9:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is New Zealand Police full of people abusing or being complicit in the abuse of power, office and resources for personal gain? Walter Mitty from Defence has nothing on these guys!

At 14/9/10 6:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No its not just you anonymous, the NZ Police aren't normal, they have no standards and do whatever they think is necessary to ensure that they are able to carry on with whatever corrupt business they are currently engaged in.


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