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Monday, September 06, 2010

Police caught out lying over arresting protesters

Oh no you didn't? The Police were caught out lying in their case against Minto and other protesters who were rightfully protesting against an Israeli tennis player...

Acting Senior Sergeant Marcus Chawner told the court the arrests were made because the protesters were disturbing the peace by using loudspeakers, whistles and a public address system, which could be heard from inside the tennis arena.

He had warned several of the protesters, including Minto, that they could be arrested if they did not turn the volume down, but they persisted.

"(Wakim) started making a loud noise with her tongue through the public address system, Darroch climbed a tree and was shouting 'blood, blood, blood on your hands' or something like that and so I instructed for them to be arrested."

But Wakim's lawyer Rodney Harrison QC played the court video footage of the protest, which showed his client had not been using any sound amplification device.

"Like it or not, she is not using the public address system to make the noise so what you say in your evidence in chief, that was incorrect."

The officer decided to have them arrested not because of the noise they were making but because he did not like their political messages, which were interrupting Auckland Mayor John Banks' speech inside the arena, he said.

So the video footage shows Wakim wasn't using the public address system which was the reason the Police Officer claimed for arresting her?

Naughty Police man caught out telling porkies doesn't bode well for their case.


At 6/9/10 7:04 pm, Blogger Rangi said...


At 6/9/10 7:46 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

It's Minto. Who cares?

At 6/9/10 8:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perjury anyone?

At 7/9/10 5:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the last two paragraphs of this.

“Immediately after the 1999 election Labour initiated a Select Committee inquiry, designed to destroy Jenny Shipley’s credibility.
I learnt much from sitting on that enquiry. Once it was clear that Mrs Shipley was not implicated it became my first experience of Parliamentary bi-partisanship, as the committee grew increasingly appalled at the untrustworthiness of Police witnesses. No MP on that committee was unaffected. Most shattering was the simple stupidity at senior levels, in sticking to incredible denials in the face of overwhelming evidence, including video footage.
The committee had no desire to destroy public confidence in Police integrity. We noted our unhappiness with their evidence and focussed the report on protocols for preserving constitutional propriety. It appears from reports of the Wang affair that Police agreement on those might have been as unreliable as their evidence to the committee.”



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