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Saturday, September 04, 2010

P price rise brilliant Police work or a new economic indicator for inflation?

Police busts push up price of P
Police and customs seizures are driving up the price of P because criminals now face a greater risk of getting caught, says a drug expert.

An annual drug survey made public today shows the price of a gram of methamphetamine, or P, rose from $610 in 2006 to $738 last year.

The Illicit Drug Monitoring System report found the price - commonly regarded as the best measure of police success against the drug - had increased each year.

Hmmm, is the rise in P because our Police are brilliant or is it in fact a new indicator of inflation? P dealers have to pay bills as well, those pimp suits and cars with the spinning hub caps don't come cheap, rather than the genius of our boys in blue, perhaps it's really just the free market indicators that inflation is eating into everyones profit lines, including dealers.

It simply sounds like dealers are factoring in the GST price rise early, meanwhile the war on drugs grinds on creating the kind of public debate that always seem to disconnect peoples brains with the anti-P Stellar Trust poll finding 42.8 per cent wanting to bring back the death penalty for dealing!

Ahhh yes, the death penalty will teach those P dealers. I think I'll start paying attention to this debate when they have solutions beyond the death penalty.


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