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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Earthquake news ratings war

TV3 anchor lets rip online at coverage
Mike McRoberts has criticised his network's coverage of the Canterbury quake.

McRoberts, who reported from Christchurch, vented his frustrations on online chat site Twitter on Sunday.

He said TV3's ratings were the result of "a poor decision by 3 not to go with continuous coverage throughout the day".

In News, there is do or do not, there is no try. TV3's excuse as to why they didn't continue with coverage from Christchurch was they were running low on battery power, well TVNZ managed.

It is in a crises that we see why we need a public broadcaster and can't rely on the private sector, the ratings for TVNZ's excellent live coverage on Saturday are truly astounding, 2 million viewers!!!

The consolation for TV3 is that their The Nation coverage on the Sunday (which wasn't well publicized as being live - hell I was due to appear on that episode as a blogger and I had no idea that the show was live on the Sunday and not a repeat) almost out rated TVNZs - that should concern TVNZ. Q+A got 359 300 viewers, The Nation pulled 308 900 viewers - that was a great result for The Nation on Sunday.

2 million for TVNZ on the Saturday however overshadows that win, but it does show TV3 can be bloody competitive when push comes to shove. Curiously they decided to be shoved?


At 7/9/10 11:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gave up on both TV channels early Sat morn National Radio were tops

At 9/9/10 7:25 am, Anonymous Grant said...

Yes - if jonathon coleman needed a reason to up the funding for RNZ then saturday gave it to him - world class public radio in times of a real national crisis. It was superb. We are very lucky to still have this service. TV1 was all about their QANTAS awards entry, and TV3 didn't even get out of the starting gate ...and when they did it was RNZ presenter Sean Plunket who led the charge. TV3 showed just how thin and weedy it really is..

At 9/9/10 10:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

+1 for radio! Great stuff.


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