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Sunday, September 26, 2010

National let ACT destroy student unions despite 90% opposition

Opt-out bill for student unions labelled a threat to vital services
University and polytech sports services and cultural events could be in jeopardy, say opponents of a bill that would allow individual students to choose if they want to join a student association. The education and science select committee yesterday endorsed the Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill, even though more than 90 per cent of submissions were against it.

This despicable party of hypocrites who are given so much power over legislation so that they are the tail that wags the dog is being given this ability to destroy the Student Unions as an intellectual patsy to Roger Douglas in the hope that he will shut up about flat tax (which is pointless as we all know Roger Douglas will never shut up about flat tax).

As I said at the select committee...

If as the bullied Heather Roy claims, Whitireia is a reason to abolish student unions then Taito Phillip Field & Roger McClay are reasons to disband Parliament.

This is disgusting legislation that has ignored 90% of the submissions and is further proof of students getting screwed once again by the National ACT party.


At 26/9/10 11:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber, the bill is destroying student unions, it is heaven forbid giving them an incentive to do a good job by making students decide whether they should join or not. This is nt the Soviet Union or your beloved Cuba, why should people be forced join a union? what is wrong with giving students a choice? Students unions do not represent students. The NZUSA is more left wing than North Korea and the list of student union blow outs are too lengthy to list.

Or quite simply dont you believe in freedom of association?

At 26/9/10 11:11 am, Anonymous NZ tea party said...

Again it is about Control. The progressives, of which Bomber is one, want control over the masses. They believe we are not smart enough to make our own choices, and therefore only their enlightened way (after all, they do have a BA!) is right.

We need more choice, more freedom, and less control. The liberal progressive experiment has failed, and its time for ordinary people to stand up.

An awakening is happening in America, why cant it happen here?

At 26/9/10 11:37 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Dearest, bravest most anonymous poster. I'd note the Soviet Union died some time ago and Cuba is not beloved to me, why you feel you need to put words in my mouth to make your point explains at least why you post anonymously. I'm a born again capitalist Anon, Keynesian managed capitalism is the way to move beyond the unregulated Milton Friedman free market corruption.

The funny bit about your post is your utter ignorance of the existing system, IF you feel your freedom of association is damaged by joining any Student Union, you may put your case to the Union and your Union fees WILL NOT GO TO THE STUDENT UNION, you can nominate a charity of your choice and the money can go to that.

Your lie re choice and freedom is too obvious and most people will see right through it. Student Unions have traditionally been a source of protest against Governments, and so the Government stamping them out is a simple and clear patsy to a Political Party of hypocrites and is further proof of ACT wagging the dog.

At 26/9/10 11:47 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Yes but NZ Tea Party, you were on this site lying about me never working in the Private Sector or currently working in the Private Sector, so why on earth are you suddenly right about your crazy bullshit re 'progressives'?

It is the unregulated corporate greed of the Free Market that got us into the global mess we are in, not progressive policy, again your utter lack of understanding of Capitalism seems to be your main problem.

BTW I will be graduating this week from Auckland Uni with my new educational achievements in Politics, perhaps you should try some wider reading before further comment?

At 26/9/10 1:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see that ACT's legacy will live on through 3 strikes and VSM. By the time Labour have a chance of getting back into power in 2014 these changes will have destroyed parasitic socialist unions and be accepted by the voters as an essential part of our criminal law.

Student Unions go bye bye now

At 26/9/10 1:15 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Good to see that ACT's legacy will live on through 3 strikes and VSM. By the time Labour have a chance of getting back into power in 2014 these changes will have destroyed parasitic socialist unions and be accepted by the voters as an essential part of our criminal law.

Student Unions go bye bye now

LMAO - that's the silliest post from the National Party Research Unit I've seen in ages. Couple of points:

1: I'm glad to you accept that ACT are goneburger.

2: We both know 2011 is in play.

3: You have to work on your own lines, ACT go bye bye now is mine, come on champ, lift your game.

4: The medieval raw meat 3 strikes will simply remind people of the utter hypocrisy of ACT, that's hardly a legacy brave Anonymous poster. Only Adolf on the hard right hate speech site 'No Minister' would pretend ACT has a positive legacy.

At 26/9/10 2:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) VSM is not at all about making students associations perform better; as demonstrably has happened where it has been tried overseas students associations have been essentially destroyed. And many students now pay more in fees in return for less services than they got pre-VSM. Looking at the vast evidence at the effects of VSM in the real world you'd be mad to suggest that VSM was driven by any cause other than to destroy students associations and increase costs to students.
Conveniently, it's always parties that advocate cuts to public education funding - ie those often criticised effectively by students associations - that push such legislation. VSM is seems more like government stifling students' effective voices because they don't like what students are saying about their policies.

2) Students associations are not "unions". Students associations use compulsory membership quite differently to trade unions - it's not like a students association could call a mandatory boycott of paying fees or attending class, like a trade union could effect a strike.

3) Belief in freedom of association has noting to do with whether you support compulsory membership or not; even if you were forced to join a students' association (and you're actually not, you can opt out), this does not in any way limit your freedom to associate with anyone you choose.

4) Is no one outraged that National said before the election that they would not vote for VSM, and now they are?
Beliefs about in students associations aside, I think such blatant political dishonesty should not go unchecked. At the very least National need to have the kahoonas to front up and explain why they're done something they specifically said they wouldn't.

At 27/9/10 8:23 am, Blogger Mr. Bear's Shadow said...

We have forgotten what democracy is. It is not the loudest voice.

This country makes me sick sometimes.


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